An innovative and privately held hospitality company, broughtonHOTELS delivers highly specialized services in hotel management, investment, and development. Founded in 2001 by industry leader and entrepreneur, Larry Broughton, the company is well established as an operator of independent, boutique hotels. broughtonHOTELS upholds a strict ethos that emphasizes honesty, integrity, and ethics in all business engagements. The company is anchored by a corporate culture of giving back within the communities we serve. Based in Anaheim, CA broughtonHOTELS continues to invest in top-flight hospitality talent to support our growing portfolio, including nine managed hotel properties in highly sought after destinations in California and Chicago.


As leaders in boutique hotels, we pride ourselves on creating hotels with soul and providing exceptional service. It’s ultimately how we treat people and the rich social interaction that occurs at each of the properties that determine what our guests will recall and feel won over by. This is why we place an emphasis on the human component of the hospitality industry, and not just the atmosphere and accoutrements of each hotel.

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