Visit San Simeon's Elephant Seal Rookery for a Unique Adventure!


483315481In the late 1800s, California’s Northern Elephant Seal was nearly hunted to extinction. It’s sad to think of losing any species, especially one as unique and interesting as the Elephant Seal. Luckily, this amazing creature was able to survive and has made a major comeback.  In Fact, about 17,000 elephant seals now live  off the coast of San Simeon!


Make Memories at the Elephant Seal Rookery

Take a trip to the elephant seal rookery near San Simeon for an experience you’ll never forget. Located at Piedras Blancas, just 7 miles north of San Simeon, the rookery allows visitors to see thousands of elephant seals in their natural habitat. It’s a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of California’s coast while learning about a fascinating creature at the same time.


The Rookery was first recognized as a gathering place for elephant seals when around 2 dozen were spotted in the area in 1990. Since then the population has boomed and over 17,000 seals now live in the  area.


Fun Facts about Elephant Seals

Northern elephant seals can be found all up and down the Pacific coast of the United States including Alaska and they even range as far south as the Baja California peninsula. Here are some more fun facts about this  mammal:

  • Named for a large proboscis adult males have that looks like an elephant’s trunk
  • Can hold their breath for over 100 minutes
  • Spend about 80% of their lives in the ocean
  • Lifespan is roughly 12-22 years
  • Adult males can grow to 16 feet and weigh around 5400 pounds.

Who are the Friends of the Elephant Seal

The rookery is supported by the non-profit organization “Friends of the Elephant Seal” whose goal is to “Educate people about elephant seals and other marine life” in the central coast. Check out their website for more information on what they do and how you can help support elephant seal conservation.


Connect with  Friends of the Elephant Seal on Facebook for updates, great pictures and more information.



Friends of the Elephant Seal

Where: 250 San Simeon Ave, San Simeon California

Contact: 805-927- 6109



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