Travel Hacks for Your Next Flight


Travel Hacks for Your Next Flight

Flying can be strenuous when traveling, whether when you’re a newbie or a pro. But, making a few adjustments and preparing differently can have a major effect on your flying experience. If you want to truly conquer flying, follow our tips below!


Getting Through Security

Security can be the most inconvenient part of a trip without the right tips and information. While waiting in line for your turn, prepare yourself: get your ID out and remove anything metal (don’t forget about your belt!). Wear shoes that are easy to take off and on. And, be ready to put your items on the conveyor belt. Don’ t jam everything in one bin. The ultimate key to surviving security? Don’t forget anything that you put on the conveyor belt like your bag, purse, electronics or shoes. If you hate lines, then sign up for TSA Pre-Check so you can get through security faster!


How to Avoid & Cope with Turbulence

Turbulence can make flying unpleasant and uncomfortable. To avoid these bumps, schedule a morning flight. Most thunderstorms and unstable air conditions happen in the afternoon. So earlier flights are less likely to encounter turbulence. If you can’t avoid an afternoon flight, keep your seatbelt on the whole time. You’ll then be prepared for sudden turbulence and avoid being thrown from your seat. Selecting a seat close to the wings (center of mass) will also reduce the effects of turbulence. If you do encounter turbulence, try to imagine that you’re in a car hitting a bump in the road. Just like the bump in the road, turbulence is uncomfortable, but not dangerous. If you feel like you’re hyperventilating or about to, try breathing through a straw. This will help to lower your heart rate, keeping you calm, cool and collected!


What to Bring

When flights are delayed or canceled, you can find yourself in the airport for quite a while. Prepare for this by making sure to have all your essentials in your carry on. If you plan on bringing your laptop or phone, make sure to pack your charger and a power strip. This a great way to charge multiple devices (and even make new friends). It’s also a good idea to have a change of clothes just in case. You never know what might happen – like losing your luggage or spilling a drink on your outfit. A change of clothes weighs only about two to three pounds and your carry on isn’t weighed like your checked luggage. Also, if you want to bring a water or sports drink on the plane – freeze it. As long as the liquid is frozen solid, TSA will let you bring it with you.


Staying Healthy on Your Flight

Don’t be afraid to bring out the disinfectant wipes to clean your seat and folding tray.  Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are unwashed. Don’t feel like getting up to wash your hands? Pack a mini hand sanitizer in your bag of liquids. Bring one that has a calming scent for extra relaxation. If someone next to you is sick, ask the flight attendant if it’s possible to switch seats. If that’s not an option, try to sit by the window seat and stay away. Another tip is to keep the air flowing. Bring a jacket if you have to, but keeping the air vents open improves ventilation and blows away germs.


Don’t let flying frustrate you. Take control of your flying experience by following these easy tips. We’d love to know what your favorite tips and tricks are while flying. Comment them below!