Travel Facts That Might Surprise You

summer travel facts

Summertime is in full swing- pools are crowded, airlines are busy and outdoor activities are a must. But the highlight of anyone’s summer is of course, the nice vacation time! However, before you pack your bags and head to Timbuktu, take a look at some of these surprising travel fun facts.


Planning Makes Perfect  

While some like to hop on a plane and take a spontaneous trip, most travelers choose to plan ahead. In fact, nearly half of U.S. travelers book their summer trips at least 4 months in advance! The trip itself usually lasts, on average, 1.5 weeks. And if you haven’t planned a vacay yet, experts recommend that you wait for a Thursday– it’s the cheapest day of the week to book summer vacations.


MVP (Most Valued Places)

When you think of the perfect summer vacation, which places are must-visits? Well according to AAA Travel’s survey, the top three domestic summer travel destinations are Orlando, Florida, Honolulu, Hawaii and Anchorage, Alaska. And when it comes to world travelers, Rome, Vancouver and Dublin are at the top of bucket lists. While most of these places probably don’t come as a surprise, the fastest-growing travel region might catch you off-guard. Believe it or not, the Middle East takes the cake for the fastest-growing travel destination. In fact, Hilton Worldwide now has 7 new Egypt hotels in its pipeline!


Traveler 2.0

Years ago, the average traveler was either an affluent family or a businessman. But today that traveler, and what he or she enjoys doing, is quickly evolving. In reality, the actual definition of “adventure” has changed. What used to mean “risky adrenaline activities” (like cliff diving or white water rafting) now more accurately means “experiencing a new culture.” To prove this point, sightseeing is ranked as the most important vacation activity, followed by experiencing local culture and cuisine. And in 2018, solo travel is expected to be at an all-time high. In fact, Google searches for “solo travel” and “travel alone” were the highest they’ve ever been in January of this year.


Did we surprise you? If you’re a frequent traveler like us, then you probably can relate to some of our fun facts! Regardless, enjoy your summer & have safe travels.