Travel Accessories Worth Investing In

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Travel Accessories Worth Investing In

Companies are constantly thinking of new ways to make life easier. Just think: television remotes, avocado slicers and insulated mugs! And when it comes to travel, there’s no exceptions. For nearly every struggle you encounter, before or during travel, there’s probably an accessory out there to help. Here’s a few we think might be helpful for the everyday traveler.



There’s nothing more frustrating than having all of your cords tangled up– especially when your phone’s about to die! Stay organized on your next trip and use an electronic accessory organizer. It separates all your cords and wall outlets simultaneously. This accessory bag from Amazon, won’t break the bank and it’s waterproof! Side tip: invest in a portable charger so your device can be charged anytime, anywhere.



Did you pack everything you need? Will you be able to zip your suitcase shut? Don’t stress. Packing cubes keep all of your gear in order, with all sorts of sizes and labels to boot. They really come in handy when it comes to overpacking and are a sure way to keep your suitcase organized during your trip.



When it comes to packing toiletries, be sure to get a hanging shower caddy. These caddies allow you to pack all the shower essentials, without taking up a ton of space. Then, when you get to the hotel, unroll your caddie and hang it in the bathroom. Not only is everything in one place, but the caddie’s mesh fabric also lets your items air out. No bacteria and mold sounds great to us!


Money and ID

Keeping your money and ID safe is key to having a smooth trip. Simply investing in an anti-theft purse or wallet will do the trick. Protecting your credit cards from RFID, aka scanners that steal your info, is made easy with a special wallet or purse. A great choice are these lightweight RFIDsleeve 25 credit card sleeves. If you want something to hold your cash and credit cards, then look at this RFIDSAFE compact organizer which can hold all your cards, cash and even your keys.



Wish your suitcase didn’t get crushed during its journey through airport security? Opt for a hard-shelled suitcase. Its hard exterior prevents your suitcase from being smashed and is actually easier to stack in the bottom of the plane. An added bonus? They come in some pretty cool patterns and designs (no more accidentally grabbing someone else’s black suitcase at baggage claim).


Invest in some of these travel accessories to make your life easier the next time you travel!