Tips for Getting the Most Space Out of Your Carry-On

Between hefty overweight fees and the hassle of dragging around multiple bags while traveling, over-packing is never ideal. So, why not try taking just a carry-on? It might sound crazy, but there are actually quite a few tricks to efficiently packing just a carry-on for a trip. See a few below!


Don’t Fold, Roll

“Roll your clothes” is basically the motto for packing suitcases efficiently. Believe it or not, rolling clothes takes up less space than folding. Start with the heavier, bulky items (they’ll take up more space), then fill the gaps with your lighter pieces. Packing cubes or airtight bags are also great tools for getting the most space out of your carry-on.


Wear Your Heaviest Clothes

Think about it: If sweatshirts and bulky tennis shoes normally take up the most space in your suitcase, wear them instead of packing them! You can always take off layers once boarded. Not only does wearing your largest items save space, but it also significantly reduces the weight of your carry-on.


Choose Neutral Colors

The easiest way to avoid over packing? Pack just a few items that can be mixed or matched during your trip. A few pairs of neutral pants, neutral undershirts and versatile sweaters create several outfit options. If your destination has laundry available, pack just a few items, then wash them when it’s time to re-wear!


Only Pack Unique Toiletries

To save space in your carry-on, choose to pack only toiletries that would be hard to find at your destination. For example, if you use a specific brand of makeup or use a special type of hair brush, pack them. But, opt to leave your basic toiletries (toothpaste, floss, shampoo) at home. Instead, buy small sizes when you arrive at your destination, or use the free items provided by your hotel!



Next time you take a trip, save space and pack just your carry-on!