The International CES 2014 Show Highlights



The International CES 2014 has come and gone and with it brought the newest in inspiring technological inventions. With everything from apps and gaming devices to cameras and cars this event covered all the bases in the technological world. While there were a lot of great items and ideas, here are a few of the highlights from the event:


Toyota unveiled its newest car, the Toyota FCV, which is a hydrogen-powered car they plan to release in 2015. This car would run on a fuel-cell that reacts stored hydrogen with oxygen to generate electricity, thus making water vapor its only emission. Being that this is a fuel-cell car it can be refilled in five minutes or less, compared to a battery-electric car that can take 10 hours or more! Toyota says the car will first launch in California and has earmarked $200 million to build 20 hydrogen-fueling stations by 2015. While this is a great idea and hopefully a car of the future, it will take a hefty investment to build the infrastructures necessary to fuel these cars and will possibly be years in the making.


The Playstation Now software made the top of the list in the category for one of the best products at the show. Playstation Now does away with consoles and allows gamers to access Playstation games from non-Playstation devices. This game-streaming service will include games made for all generations of Playstation from the original Playstation all the way to the newest Playstation 4 and can be used on smart TVs, smartphones and tablets. Gamers will be allowed to rent Playstation games either by title or buy a monthly subscription, though the games that will be available have not been announced yet.


While smart phone accessories seem to be a dime a dozen at CES, one of the most impressive that seemed to start a buzz was the Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5/5s. This case not only includes a battery to charge your phone but adds 32GB of storage to your device as well. The Mophie case allows you to store videos, photos and other documents right to it and even lets you play videos from it. If that isn’t enough of a perk for you, it has a sleek design that does not add too much weight to your device as well.


One of the most buzzed about gaming devices of the show was Valve’s Steam Machine. The Steam Machine will join the battle in video gaming consoles along with Playstation and X Box, but is giving the consumer more of an option by allowing other manufacturers to build their own Steam Machines within specifications set my Valve to allow a more customizable experience. Valve also revealed its model for a new controller, the Valve Steam Controller, that is aimed at mimicking more of a mouse and pad than the usual controllers with joysticks.


Lastly, another great gadget from the CES show was Sony’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. This projector has an incredibly sharp picture and may even be the future of televisions.  This sleek projector has a furniture-esque design to it that will make it easy to fit in any room. This projector brings movies, videos, photographs and sports right to your living room for a more realistic experience.


What do you think of these new products from CES 2014? Which one is your favorite? What was your favorite gadget overall from CES 2014?