The Hottest New Tech From CES

Group of People Connection Digital Device Concept

The start of the new year brings with it several new things- resolutions, work out regimens, music and above all, new technology. This year kicked off with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where small start-ups and well-known technology giants gathered to show off their newest gadgets and gizmos for 2017.


Growth of CES

The first CES was held in 1967 in New York City featuring 117 exhibitors showing off the newest and most complex technology at the time, like the black and white television and the stereo. Since its inception, the convention has grown enormously, hosting over 3,000 companies with their displays and prototypes sprawling over a massive space of nearly 2.5 million square feet. While last year’s innovators rolled out smart home technology like the Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator and advanced TVs like the LG rollable display, you may have thought that there was no way that technology could advance any further.  However, the technology unveiled at the 50th CES has left tech-heads buzzing and consumers impressed yet again.


Self-tying and Heated Shoes

Over the last few years, smart-clothing has made significant headway with products like the Apple iWatch and the Motiv Smart Ring. At this year’s CES, the trend only gained more momentum with Under Armour unveiling Athletic Recovery Sleepwear, that monitors how well athletes sleep, and Digitsole presenting its improved smart shoe. Not only is this shoe capable of warming your feet and tracking calories, but it can also tighten itself with the press of a button through its connected app. While fashionistas may not jump at the huge, futuristic-looking shoes, Digitsole also offers less noticeable shoe inserts that can heat any type of shoe. The high-tech shoes have yet to hit the market, however consumers can purchase one pack of inserts for $200.



While products like Google Home and Alexa made it into the homes of many tech-savvy individuals this past Christmas season, there’s a new robot on the market that might make your next wish list- Jibo. Conceptualized in 2014 by Cynthia Breazeal, Jibo is a personable home robot that is capable of recognizing faces, learning from its owners and reacting with emotional responses. With a body-like shape and interactive face, Jibo functions more as a pet or family friend than a robot. Starting as a prototype with lots of skepticism from experts, Jibo is now expected to be offered to the public this year for nearly $800. Interested buyers cannot purchase the robot yet, but can be added to a waiting list.


Toyota Concept-i

One of the more impressive releases during CES 2017 was undoubtedly Toyota’s newest smart car, Concept-i. Resembling one of the most futuristic car consumers have yet to see, Concept-i features a clean white interior with 3-D displays and color technology to ultimately strengthen the relationship between car and driver. With Toyota’s “Yui”, the car is capable of monitoring its driver’s tendencies and emotions and utilizing that knowledge to anticipate future events or make driving decisions for its user. Not only can the car connect with its driver, but technology on the outside of the vehicle allows it to communicate with the outside world as well with light and sound.


While CES has been around for years, it has provided an outlet for innovators to expand their technological knowledge and creativity. As 2017 unfolds, this new technology will hit the market and products will then be left to the consumers from which to benefit and to critique. Which new gadget will you buy?