The Best Holiday Tech Gifts of 2013


The holidays are upon us and so is the mad dash to buy gifts for loved ones and friends. There are so many options in personal electronics it’s hard to sort through the best ones. Here are some great tech-gift ideas that both teenagers and adults can appreciate and use.


Google Chromecast

This is one of the most popular and worth-the-price items to purchase this holiday season for the video junkie on your list. The Google Chromecast allows you to transfer your video content from online right to your television. You can stream all of your favorite online entertainment from Netflix to Pandora along with Google Play’s movies, TV shows and music. For only $35 this is a great all-in-one gadget for an affordable price!


EarHero’s open ear earphones

If you have a runner or a teen who always has headphones in their ears, earHero’s first open ear earphones are the perfect gift! These headphones were built by audiologists and never block your ear canal allowing you to hear the world around you along with your favorite tunes. Though these will not provide the loud booming base some seek from headphones, they will help you to function and be aware of the world around you, an important safety feature for runners.


Bose SoundLink Mini

Bose’s SoundLink Mini is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers this holiday season. Though on the pricier side, Bose is known for their quality products and this is not an exception. This sleek speaker is great for the music fiends in your life and is sure to provide great sound for all listening!


Bluetooth Handset Gloves

If you’re sick of quickly fumbling for your phone while you’re out in the winter  weather and quickly taking your gloves off to answer the call before the caller hangs up, then these Bluetooth Handset Gloves are perfect for you! These gloves allow you to talk on your phone by extending your thumb and pinky-finger in the traditional sign for talking on the phone.  They allow you to talk for up to 20 hours on a charge and keep you warm as well! These are a great gift that will be useful for many winters to come!


Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger

If you’re buying for someone who is always on the go, this smart charger adapter is a great gift to buy this season! This adaptor has three AC plugs that can handle laptops and other large devices along with two USB ports. The best part is that is has a swivel plug so it can be plugged in to almost any outlet without having to re-adjust anything!  This is a great and convenient USB that can be used for any type of phone or computer user!


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This e-reader is great for the bookworm in your life or even a college student. Whether you’re reading out in the park on a sunny day or before bed, this e-book has a great backlight that allows you to read anywhere you might be! This e-book also has month-long battery life and Amazon’s free delivery of reading material, which is great for the college student or traveler in your life!



Good luck in finding your perfect tech gift this holiday season! Hopefully this list has pointed you in the right direction.