Tech for Every Resolution

Over the past few weeks you’ve probably been asked, “What are your New Year resolutions?” or “Do you have any personal goals this year?” And while it might have been easy to answer (eat healthier, stay positive, etc.), actually following through with those resolutions is the tricky part. Thankfully there is technology designed to help you stay true to your resolutions!


Live Healthier 

This is probably one of the most common resolutions, yet the most difficult to keep. Whether it’s eating better or exercising frequently, this tech is here to help.

  • Fitness Blender – this website provides free workout videos & programs, along with meal plans designed to compliment your healthy lifestyle
  • Performance Wristbands – smart bands like the Apple Watch, Whoop and FitBit are all designed to monitor your fitness and keep you on track with your health goals
  • HelloFresh – fresh groceries and recipes are packaged and sent straight to your home for easy-to-make, healthy dinners!


Improve Attitude     

If you want to start seeing the glass half full, consider using this tech as a personal pick-me-up!

  • Happify – this app assesses your current state of mind and then uses that data to create programs that improve your overall happiness
  • The Mindfulness App – this app provides guided and silent timed meditation sessions intended to improve your mental health and overall well being


Save Money  

With financial problems being one of the top reasons for divorce, saving money could be a make it or break it resolution for some people. Thankfully there are many helpful tech tools for budgeting, financial planning and organization.

  • YNAB – You Need a Budget is a helpful website that tracks spending and teaches you how to successfully budget your money
  • Mint – this handy app connects all of your financial institutions, tracks spending and can even pay bills. Mint displays all of this information in easy-to-read graphs for everyday use.



Don’t worry about struggling with resolutions this year! Use some or all of this technology to help you stay accountable and happy, as you fulfill your 2018 resolutions.