Spooky Halloween Tech


The pumpkins, the candy, the ghosts and goblins, America’s spookiest holiday is right around the corner so you had better get ready. It’s the season to outdo your neighbors and scare the living daylights out of your friends and kids. Of course you are going to need the latest Halloween technology if you want to have the scariest neighborhood rep this October 31st! Check out our guide for some of the best Halloween tech this year!



Who says Christmas is the only holiday that gets festive lights? Check out these cool Halloween themed lights!

Philips Halloween Motion Projector – Want to light your house up in orange and black? Use these motion sensor projector lights to do just that!

5ft Halloween LED Hanging Spider – This 5 feet long hanging Halloween spider light is sure to give your porch a fun and festive atmosphere this year

Electric Pathway Lights – Make sure the neighbor kids know how to get to your front porch for candy & light up your pathway with these electric orange lights!

Mini LED Strobe Light – Spice up any space with this classic mini LED strobe light



Spooky Props

Get your porch and yard in the Halloween spirit with these spooky decorations!

Screaming Doormat – Give your neighbors a good scare with this motion activated screaming door mat

Zombie Garden Lamp – Not ready for the zombie apocalypse? Then get the next best thing with this zombie garden lamp!

Flashing Eyes – They’re watching you! Make sure and keep an eye (or two) on trick-or-treaters this year with this flashing eyes prop

Motion Activated Candy Bowl – Want a sure fire way to scare your local trick-or-treaters? Use this motion activated candy bowl to make them jump!



The Sounds of Halloween

Truly complete your desired Halloween experience this year with the latest speakers and noise makers.

Sound Machine – Play 16 different terrifying Halloween sound effects with this portable sound machine

LED Bulb with Built in Bluetooth Speaker – This speaker is designed to look like a working light bulb which will enable you to play creepy music and sounds without your neighbors knowing where it’s coming from

Portable Speaker with Built in Light Show – Looking to fill up a space with fun Halloween music this year? This portable speaker with a built-in light show will really make the occasion


For a list of even more fun DIY Halloween props and decorations check out this link. Happy Halloween!