Some of the Best Apps for Travelers

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Some of the Best Apps for Travelers

We do everything with our phones these days, so why not plan you next getaway with it? We’ve mapped out some of our favorite and best apps for all of your traveling needs. Take a look below and download some before your next trip!


Money, Money, Money

Before even planning the trip of your dreams, make sure you have enough money in the bank. Tip Yourself makes saving easy, fun and rewarding by allowing you to tip yourself from your personal checking account to your virtual “Tip Jar.” Before you know it, you’ll have enough money save for your trip and possibly the next one too! Use TRVLEASE for family or friend vacations when everyone wants to split the bill. Schedule payments for each person and take photos of receipts to ensure an even split. You can also take a look at the detail summary after your trip to see how much you really spent and to budget for next time.


Itinerary Help

The key to a successful vacation is a full itinerary, complete with places to visit, eat and stay. Google Trips is a perfect app for keeping all your travel details in one place. It also suggests things to do near your destination. Feel free to venture and explore the local area for an authentic experience. The best local eats can be found using the Eat With app. It creates specialized food tours and suggests unique culinary experiences. Another amazing app ready to keep you on the right path (literally) is Drift. Drift plans each destination on your trip and provides a helpful arrow on your screen that shows you which way to go. This is perfect for those busy cities with countless streets.


Packing Lists

Packing for yourself and especially others can be stressful– no one wants to forget anything! Apps like PackingPoint help to relieve packing anxiety and provide helpful packing lists based on your trip activities. Not only does this app take weather and drip duration into account, but it also allows you to share your packing list with friends! If you want to pack your fashionista style, then The Vane app is for you. It helps you pack all your stylish outfits based on the weather. It also will suggest clothing you might need to buy for the trip.


Aviation Apps

Worried you might miss you flight or lose your boarding pass? Then make sure to download your airline’s helpful app if they have one. Southwest Airlines lets their passengers purchase their flights and arrange pick-up and drop off through their app.  Some other airlines that have an app are Delta Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue and American Airlines. This will definitely save you time and the hassle of juggling your boarding pass papers and luggage through the airport. Plus, you’ll look like a pro! And don’t forget to use money saving apps like Hopper or KAYAK to find the best deals on flights and even transportation from the airport. Take the money you save and put it towards a nice dinner or even room service at your hotel.


Walk This Way

Traveling to new places can be daunting if you don’t know where you’re going. Google Maps is a go-to for your navigation needs. With estimated time arrivals and route settings, this app will get you where you need to be in no time at all. No rental car? No problem! Use Uber or Lyft to request a personal ride whenever and wherever you need it. Pro tip: first-time Uber/Lyft users receive a special discount code. Traveling out of the country can create barriers, especially if you don’t know the language. Thankfully, there’s helpful apps like Google Translate to guide you through a conversation with locals or simple tasks like ordering a meal. If you want to study the native language before your big trip, then use Duolingo. It makes picking up a new language easy and convenient.


Make sure to check out your phone’s app store before you plan the trip of your dreams. It could save you a lot of money and stress. Let us know what your favorite traveling apps are in the comments below!