Should You Drive or Fly for Your Next Vacation?

Transportation logistics might not be the most glamorous part of a vacation, but they’re still extra important when planning a trip! Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when deciding between driving or flying to your next destination.


Weigh the Costs

Cost is usually the main factor travelers consider when choosing between flying and driving. Most people probably automatically assume flying is more expensive, but that isn’t always the case (hey, airfare deals!). Before you choose to drive or fly, lay out all the potential costs associated with each. Driving costs include gas, hotel stops, food stops, tolls, vehicle maintenance and your time (yep, you should count that as a cost). Meanwhile, flight costs mean ticket prices, baggage fees, airport parking, rental car, food and other airport amenities you purchase.


Compare Distances

Think about the time it will take you to get to the airport, go through security, board the plane and fly to your destination – is it the same amount of time it would take you to drive? Your travel time could be a big determining factor in whether you choose flying or driving, especially if you’re only vacationing for a short time.


Do You Need A Lot of Space?

If you need a lot of space (to pack and to sit), then flying might not be the option for you. Airlines have relatively strict guidelines for luggage sizes and airplane seats are definitely not roomy. On the other hand, cars (depending on the type) have ample trunk space and leg room.


How Many People Are in Your Group

If you’re traveling in a large group, flying will probably end up costing you more. Plane tickets and baggage fees add up quickly for large groups and it’s usually more difficult to find seats near one another. Consider carpooling to save on costs and reduce your environmental impact.


Can You Walk Around Your Destination?

If you can easily navigate your destination (think: attractions close to one another and accessible public transportation), then flying might make the most sense. Walkable cities mean you won’t need a rental car if you fly or your personal car if you drive. For trips that are more spread out, driving your own car might be easier and cheaper than opting for a rental car.


In Summary,

Opt to drive to your next vacation destination if you:

  • Want to save money
  • Are traveling a relatively short distance
  • Need more space
  • Have a large group
  • Need a car once you arrive at your destination

Start booking your plane tickets if you:

  • Are traveling a lengthy distance
  • Want to save time
  • Have a small group
  • Are traveling somewhere with accessible attractions / public transportation


Ultimately, there are pros and cons to both driving and flying. It’s up to you and the rest of your group to decide which option makes the most sense for your trip. Either way, consider staying at a Broughton hotel during your next vacation!