San Simeon included in this year's Cambria Scarecrow Festival!

The Morgan Hotel Scarecrow

“If I only had a brain”… like the scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ the multitude of scarecrows featured in the Cambria Scarecrow Festival don’t have any gray matter, but the people putting them together are undoubtedly creative geniuses.


What exactly is the event?

The Cambria Scarecrow Festival is a month long celebration of the harvest season. Businesses, individuals and even hotels near Cambria are invited to take part in creating and displaying their unique straw-stuffed creations.


Not just for Hayfields

When you think of a scarecrow you probably visualize a basic humanlike form propped up in a hayfield. Don’t be mistaken, the scarecrows in the festival don’t stand around in fields, they become an active part of the community. Visitors to Cambria and San Simeon will find scarecrows climbing trees, riding bicycles and even sitting on benches.


San Simeon gets to play

One of the major changes to this year’s event is that the San Simeon community is included! In previous years the Cambria Scarecrow Festival was more true to its name, only allowing Cambria residents to participate. Luckily now, businesses like the Morgan Hotel in San Simeon (scarecrow pictured above) can give their best shot! Who knows, maybe the concept will one day expand to become the California Scarecrow Festival!


This year over 350 scarecrows were entered in the festival which is a massive increase from the first event in 2009, which had only 30 entrants. Cambria is certainly an unwelcome destination for crows this time of year!


Most likely to Scare Crows: Judging Criteria

Scarecrows in the festival are judged on the following criteria: Most whimsical, most lifelike, Best- Animation, Most Unique/ Creative, Most likely to Scare Crows and Best of Show.


Where to see the Scarecrows

Put the following places in your GPS for your Scarecrow tour!

  • The Cambria Chamber of Commerce 767 Main St., Cambria CA
  • The Cambria Historical Museum 2251 Center St. , Cambria CA
  • The San Simeon Chamber of Commerce: 250 San Simeon Ave., San Simeon CA



Cambria Scarecrow Festival

Date: October 1-31

Location: Cambria and San Simeon

Admission: Free



The Morgan

A boutique jewel nestled along California’s scenic Central Coast, The Morgan welcomes you with a warmth and personality all its own. As the favorite choice in Hearst Castle hotels, The Morgan at San Simeon is located only 4 miles from the Visitor Center. 9135 Hearst Drive, San Simeon, CA 93452. 805-927-3878.