The Wallet You'll Never Lose

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Losing your wallet is never a good thing. Whether misplacing it around your house, losing it at a restaurant or leaving it at a hotel, it presents a big inconvenience. Have you ever wished for a way to prevent this headache-inducing occurrence? Well look no further; Zillion Wallet is here to help.


With more and more appliances and home goods being made “smart” it was only a matter of time before a smart wallet debuted. The folks at Zillion saw a problem that people face daily, misplacing their wallet, and thought “how can we solve this problem?” That question led to the creation of the Zillion Slimline Wallet.


Boasting Tile location technology, the Zillion is virtually impossible to lose. Using the Tile app, owners can ring their wallet to find it. If the wallet is too far away to hear, you can view its location on a map right on your phone screen. Pretty slick, huh? But it doesn’t stop there. The problem solvers at Zillion took things a step further offering phone charging capabilities right within the wallet!


Now if your phone battery is running low, you have the solution in your back pocket. A power bank featuring a 2,500mAh battery can give your phone a full charge from 0 to 100 percent. A built in cable hides seamlessly when not in use.


You might be thinking that with all its features, the Zillion wallet will be bulky and hard to carry, but that is far from the truth. Measuring in at 6.5cm x 9.5cm when closed, and as thin as a smart phone, the wallet fits comfortably into your pocket. Inside it houses 4 cards. Outside it vaunts a high-strength metal clip for holding paper money.


If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these bad boys, you can do so here.


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