MLB Opening Day 2015: the Dodgers and Angels are Back in Action!



A clean start, a blank slate, unlimited potential, It’s easy to see why baseball fans get so excited about Opening Day! But Opening Day, the official start to Major League Baseball’s season, is so much more than just an empty win-loss column for your favorite team, it’s smelling fresh cut grass, hearing a popcorn vendor vying for your attention and holding a cold beer in your hands. Opening day is tradition. So come back to the Los Angeles area and enjoy the tradition of Opening Day with the Dodgers or Angels.


This year, Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is on April 6th, and it’s an exciting time for both teams associated with Los Angeles. Both the Dodgers and the Angels won their respective divisions in 2014 and made a post-season appearance. 2015 once again holds high expectations for them, and it all starts with Opening Day.


Opening Day for the Dodgers

Last year: 2014 was a historic year for the franchise. The Dodgers picked up their 10,000th win since joining the National League in 1890 while celebrating their 125th season. Fittingly, they won the National League West with a 94-68 record. Unfortunately the end of the year left much to be desired as the Dodgers were sent home from the playoffs after losing in the division series.


Opening Day: The Dodgers are lucky enough to begin their 2015 campaign at home.  On April 6th they will take on the Padres at Dodger Stadium at 1:10pm. Tickets start at $78 and can be purchase at


Opening Day for the Angels

Last year:  In 2014, the Angels won the American League West with a 98-64 record. Like the Dodgers, they had a historically significant season. Their 89th win of the season actually improved the franchise’s all time win-loss record to better than .500.  Despite having the best regular season record in the Major Leagues, they, like the Dodgers, failed to make it past the division series in the post-season.


Opening Day: the Angels will begin their 2015 season at the Seattle Mariners for a three game series. Their first home game will be on Friday, April 10th  at 7:05pm against the Kansas City Royals. Tickets for the home opener start at around $23 and are available on




Where: Dodger Stadium & Angel Stadium of Anaheim

When: April 6th / April 10th

Admission: Dodgers: Tickets start at $75 Angels: Ticket start at $23 (tickets can be purchased for both teams on



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