It's Award Season in Los Angeles!


Imagine all your favorite celebrities hanging out at the same place at the same time. Now add a degree of sophistication, classiness and elegance that could rival the royal wedding.


That’s pretty much award season in Hollywood, and if you’re a fan of popular culture like music, film, and television it’s a great place to visit during January and February.


Good News and Bad News

There’s good news and bad news for those of you planning on visiting L.A. for award season. The bad news is that your chances of actually attending an award show are pretty low, unfortunately tickets are usually given out through contests and some seats are even filled with extras! The good news is that your chances of having a great time and maybe even running into a celebrity are almost guaranteed!


The Best Time of Year to Visit L.A.

Award season brings an overall excitement and atmosphere to Los Angeles. Besides the events themselves, there are viewing parties, red carpet walks and of course after-parties. Not to mention that if you’re an autograph seeker, or just want a glimpse at some celebs up close you’ll have plenty of opportunities.


Here’s a summary of the major award shows that you can properly plan your celebrity spotting expedition around!


The 72nd Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes are a series of accolades given by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Covering both film and television accomplishments, The Golden Globes feature categories ranging from “Best Motion Picture” to “Best Actor in a Limited Series.”

When: January 11th, 5pm PST

Where: The Beverly Hilton


Screen Actors Guild Awards

The only awards shows in the industry to focus exclusively on performers, the SAG Awards celebrate acting achievements in prime-time television and film. Another unique feature of the SAG Awards is that they recognize the collaborative nature of acting give awards for “ensemble casts” in addition to their individual awards.

When: January 25th, 2015

Where: Shrine Exposition Center


 57th Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are the standard for recognizing achievement in musical accomplishment. The most well known awards given at the Grammy’s are known as “general field” awards which include: “Album of the Year, “Record of the Year” “Song of the year” and “Best New Artist.”

When: Sunday February 8th

Where: Staples Center Los Angeles


87th Academy Awards “The Oscars”

Whether or not the Oscars are the most prestigious award show is still up for debate  but with over 40 million viewers in 2014, there’s no doubt that they are the most watched! The Academy Awards recognize excellence in Film.

When: February 22nd 4pm (PST)

Where: Dolby Theatre, Hollywood California



Join the conversation!

All the major award shows have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest, Be sure to give them a follow for updates, news and exclusive content!



Date: January and February           

Location: Various L.A. locations



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