Introducing Google Cardboard


Google does it again! Within the past year, the company has introduced Google Glass, expanded its Chrome brand, and released a prototype for a self-driving car. What life-changing invention could they possibly come up with next? The answer… Google Cardboard.


Not what you expected? You’re not alone. Even attendees of Google I/O, the company’s most recent technological summit that takes place annually, appeared quite curious when presented with the device. However, they shortly discovered the amazing capabilities this simple piece of cardboard possessed.


Originally a flat sheet, the cardboard folds together to become a rectangular box with a similar look to the once-popular View-Master stereoscopes. There is a slot designated for the insertion of an Android phone equipped with the Google Cardboard app. Once the phone is in place, the screen view is split and converts the images into 3D format. The magnetic side button acts as a mouse clicker or a screen tap, allowing for selection by the user.


Google Cardboard isn’t limited to working with just software written by Google. However, there are multiple 3D demonstration experiences already provided within the application. A few examples include flying through Google Earth, watching YouTube videos, and watch short films that require 360-degree action.


Google Cardboard can be easily accessed through many outlets. Consumers can attempt to construct one themselves through following Google’s step-by-step build your own plan. Pre-assembled Google Cardboard can be purchased for less than $30 from sites such as Unofficial Cardboard.


Similar concepts are being developed by other companies that are anticipated to cost upwards of approximately $350 and are not available for sale yet. In all honesty, how frequently can you experience 3D innovation for the mere cost of cardboard and a magnet? Google never ceases to amaze us.


Long story short, you need to experience this phenomenon for yourself. If Google can make such incredible technological advancements through the use of cardboard, we cannot wait to see what the future of 3D virtual reality has in store.



“Google Cardboard puts virtual reality in everyone’s reach” by Dave Johnson

Photo obtained via CNET