How to Take Professional-Looking Travel Photos

Fact: You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great travel photos. No matter your skill level, there’s plenty of easy tips to practice when taking pictures. So, before your next trip, take a look at some of the advice below, then start taking professional-looking photos with ease!


Think About Composition  

In other words, think about how the items in your photo are arranged. Where is the main subject of your photo? Do you have not-so-great items in the background of your picture that take away from the beauty of the photo? Consciously position your camera before snapping the shot.


Learn the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a basic design/art/photography concept that makes a world of difference when used correctly. The entire rule is actually based on how babies learn their mothers’ faces– by the eyes, nose and mouth. Similarly, humans look at photos in thirds, both horizontally and vertically. If you think of your photo with a grid of two horizontal and two vertical lines overtop, you’ll want the focal points of your photo to be at the intersections of those lines. And when shooting skies (i.e. sunsets), make sure the photo is comprised of two thirds sky and one third land for the best picture.


Pay Attention to Lighting  

A good photo opportunity can turn great if in the right lighting. Try to take most of your travel photos in good light– not too sunny and not too dark. Bright lighting tends to wash out photos and creates unwanted shadows. Meanwhile, dark lighting results in grainy pictures.


Draw Attention to Focal Points

There’s a couple different ways that a photographer can draw attention to the focal point, or subject, in a picture. One technique is called framing. After selecting the subject of your photo, a building for example, use other structures (archways, trees, walls) to create a frame around your focal point. Another easier way to draw attention to the subject of your photo is by focusing on it and blurring the background. Portrait mode on iPhones is one easy way to achieve this effect.


Download Editing Apps

Take your travel photos to the utmost professional level with the help of some photo editing apps! Most editing apps, like Lightroom Mobile, are free and easy to use. With editing apps you can make colors bolder, sharpen edges, whiten teeth, add filters and more. It’s very rare that professional photos go unedited.


Next time you take a trip, use some of these tips to take professional-looking photos! Even if they never go further than your Facebook page, unique photos are a great way to remember all the memories made while traveling.