How To Survive a Long Haul Flight

long flight

You’ve grabbed up your tickets to Universal Studios, your itinerary is full, bags are packed and sunscreen is at the ready. Now there’s just one thing standing in the way of your vacation to sunny California: the 8-hour flight. But, don’t panic! We have plenty of tips that will make those 8 hours fly by (pun intended).


Before You Board   

If you’ve ever traveled before, then you know how much preparation normally goes into a trip. And when it comes to 8+ hour flights, prepping is a must. Before you even step foot in the airport, consider these tips:

  • Purchase your plane ticket early so you there’s plenty of open seats to choose from. Think about your proximity to the bathroom, whether you’d rather be crammed next to a window or spread out in the aisle, etc.
  • Take vitamins or drink some sort of immune system booster the week before you leave (confined space = lots of germs)
  • Find a good travel pillow, ear plugs, sleeping mask & headphones
  • Keep your personal item as small as possible; think about what you want on your lap/by your feet for hours
  • Pack your own snacks and water


What (Not) to Wear

Travel attire should be a no-brainer, but just in case you haven’t gotten the what not to wear memo…

  • Avoid uncomfortable shoes. Even though you’re sitting for most of your flight, you still have to walk through security, to your gate, etc.
  • If you want to pass the airport security check with flying colors, stay away from baggy clothing.
  • In general, dressing to impress isn’t top priority on a 14-hour flight. Wear something comfortable!
  • You might not think of this one- avoid wearing a lot of makeup. The dry cabin air and high altitude are already tough on your skin. Moisturize instead to avoid dehydrated skin.


Up, Up and Away

Alright, you’re prepped, dressed and in your seat. Now what?

  • Be nice and respectful to your seatmate! Unless you’re in the middle seat, don’t hog the inside armrest. Use caution when reclining your seat and keep your movie/phone quiet.
  • When it’s time for the much-anticipated in-flight meals, choose things that are easy to digest & won’t keep you awake for the entire flight (i.e. no heavy meals and caffeine)
  • STAY HYDRATED: you should drink about 8oz of water every hour to prevent dehydration and bad jet lag.
  • Having trouble falling asleep? Brush your teeth and wash your face. Your regular bedtime habits help trick your body into thinking it’s time for bed.
  • Walk down the aisle and stretch every few hours to keep blood flowing and reduce headaches/swollen limbs.

Don’t let long flights intimidate you! If you’re prepared before the flight and smart during it, you won’t have a problem surviving the long haul. Want more tips? Comment below.