How to Pack Light in the Winter

How to Pack Light in the Winter

We’re sure that you already have your plane tickets ready to go for those winter destination vacations. The question is, are you ready to pack for it? Here are some things to keep in mind as you’re packing for your winter getaways so you don’t have to spend more on overweight luggage.


First: The Basics

When packing for your winter getaway, it can be very easy for the weight on your checked bag to tip the scales and charge you an extra couple of bucks. To prevent this, start with the basics. Under the multiple layers you’ll have on, lie your tanks, underwear and light t-shirts. These items are things you can wear whenever you’re not all bundled up, and won’t take up significant weight in your suitcase! Times like sleeping and lounging around by the fire with some hot cocoa call for light shorts and a shirt, not bulky sweatshirts or heavy coats.


Second: Secrets to Staying Warm

As you see people fashionably walking around with not a whole lot of visible layers, do you ever wonder, “How are they not freezing right now?” The secret is the thermal underwear. One necessity you should bring on your holiday getaway is a pair or two of thermal long underwear and a thermal long sleeve shirt. With these on, the cold cannot stop you from enjoying the chilly festivities. Along with thermal underwear, switch out your thin socks for some nice wool socks. These will ensure that your feet will stay warm throughout all of your travels. Think about it: fewer sets of quality thermal underwear and wool socks save you from packing 10+ thin shirts and pants.


Third: Accessorize!

Accessories can be a great way to make one holiday outfit turn into three. Continue saving weight in your bags and pack a simple, light winter accessory or two- i.e. gloves, hat and scarf. Accessories are an excellent way to change up your look each day, and prevent you from packing three different coats and two pairs of boots.


Fourth: Zip the Suitcase

To top off your suitcase for your snowy holiday, switch out your sneakers with boots. Boots are a great way to keep your feet warm, along with preventing a slippery mishap. And right before you close your suitcase, don’t forget to add your coat. Your coat is the most important thing to stop the elements from getting to you. Having one pair of boots and one coat saves you from unnecessary clothing items in your bag! (Another pro tip: If your bag is threatening to tip the scales, wear your heavy coat and boots on the plane! You can always take them off once you board).


Holidays can be a very stressful time of the year. Don’t let packing add to that. Enjoy your wintery season with these helpful tips.