How to Avoid Boredom on Long Flights

Let’s face it, flights longer than two hours can get real boring, real fast. With cloudy views and nothing but the emergency brochure to read, flights can turn unbearable if you don’t bring anything to keep you entertained. Here’s a few ways to avoid boredom on your next long flight.


Know What You’re in For   

Your first step to avoiding boredom? Double check the length of your flight and any layovers. If you know how long you’ll be on the plane, you can make sure to pack and plan the right amount of distractions. Pro tip: Don’t forget to keep time zone changes in mind – what looks like a one-hour flight could really be three.


Read a Book or Magazine

If you enjoy reading, then simply pack a book or two to keep you busy! Scan the New York Times Best Seller list ahead of time for some good read suggestions. Or, make a quick pit stop at the airport gift shop for a new book or magazine. Helpful hint: To save space in your carry-on, ditch the hard copies and instead opt for an e-reader loaded with books. If reading leads to headaches for you, download the e-book versions, sit back and listen.


Listen to a Podcast

From finance help and workout motivation to movie reviews and religious reflections, podcasts cover virtually every topic. Before your flight, do some research and find a few podcasts that sound interesting. Then, download them to your phone and listen throughout the flight! If you love to cook, try listening to The Splendid Table. Missed the news? Get caught up with a podcast or two from The Daily.


Watch Movies or Shows   

The easiest and probably most relaxing way to kill time is to watch a movie or show. If you’re thinking, “airplane WiFi is way too expensive,” DON’T WORRY! Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu give users the option to download select movies and shows to watch later, offline. Download a few to your laptop or phone ahead of time, then enjoy while on the plane. Make sure to pack comfortable headphones so that (1) your ears don’t hurt and (2) your neighbors don’t get annoyed by the sounds of your movie.


Take a Nap

Perfect for extra early or late flights, naps are a great way to pass time and recharge for your trip ahead. To ensure that you slip into a deep sleep, invest in a good neck pillow and some earplugs. This travel pillow from Amazon is just $25 and boasts a 4.3-star rating. When searching for the right earplugs, opt for either Happy Ears or EarPlanes. Both are doctor-approved and known for their comfortability.


Make sure you’re prepared to survive your next long flight! Whether you prefer to read books or watch movies, there’s a wide variety of distractions ready to get you through even the most daunting of trips.