Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015

Whenever you find an event motivated by passion more than money you know you’re in for a good time. Hollywood’s annual Fringe Festival is a perfect example. While Fringe does make money, this loosely organized collection of live theater performances is more focused on the love of performing than anything else. If you attend Fringe you’ll be watching passionate people do what they love!


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is the largest festival of the performing arts in Los Angeles. The Fringe is a very open organization with few restrictions on participation. This year’s edition takes place June 11th through the 28th with multiple venues hosting a wide variety of performances.  From fully stocked major productions in theaters to 1 and 2 person shows with the audience sitting on park benches, Fringe offers pretty much every level of production value.


Schedule and Event Details 

Since there are so many shows across a wide variety of Los Angeles venues, the best way to find a show you’ll like is to use the discover function on Hollywood Fringe.com. This tool allows you to sort by type of show, location, check reviews and even order tickets. Tickets for the Fringe Festival are sold on a per show basis, so you need to purchase tickets for the shows you plan on attending, not the event as a whole.



“Fringe” festivals date back to the mid 20th century. It all started in England where groups would often put on unsanctioned performances outside of main venues during performing arts festivals. These groups would perform on the outskirts of the event, or the “fringe.” The Fringe philosophy and attitude is still alive and well in Hollywood’s Fringe Festival today!


You can purchase Fringe Buttons for $5, with proceeds going back to the organization. However, the buttons are more than a donation, button wearers actually get $1 off tickets for Fringe shows, $1 off drinks at certain events, and special entry to other select events.  So spend the extra $5 to support the Fringe and you may actually end up saving some money.

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Hollywood Fringe is active on several social media platforms. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some great looks at upcoming events, news, and previews of shows.



Hollywood Fringe Festival

Date: June 11th-28th

Location: Various locations around Hollywood

Tickets:  Various prices



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