Halloween Horror Nights 2015: Universal Studios Hollywood

halloween horror nights

Experience your favorite horror films come to life at Universal Studios Hollywood this October. Halloween Horror Nights 2015 is offering a whole new slate of haunting nightmares with movie-quality mazes, scare zones, a Terror Tram, and more. Located 4 miles from the Broughton’s boutique Moment Hotel, book your stay now and get spooked!


About Halloween Horror Nights 2015

The most terrifying event in Los Angeles is back again for the 2015 Halloween season! Since its official launch in 1997, Universal Studios Hollywood has continued to exceed all audience expectations with their incredibly realistic attractions. During the day, the park operates normally until 5pm when the gates open up for early entry. Early entry ends at 6:15pm, and general admission begins at 7pm. Because this event is so popular, almost every night is sold out: get your tickets ahead of time to reserve your spot. Tickets can be purchased on the Halloween Horror Nights website at a discounted price of anywhere from $5-25 off (depending on the night). General admission tickets purchased at the door are $85. A “Front of the Line” ticket can be purchased for $139-179: this will allow you to skip all the lines for the attractions. Although entrance to Horror Nights is not included with a normal day pass to Universal Studios, a day/night ticket option is also available.



  • The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far maze– Relive season 5’s most iconic moments while trying to escape the horrors of cannibalism. Start your journey in a lonely backwoods church cursed by the sins of its pastor and end in a warehouse filled with a mysterious new threat that call themselves “The Wolves”.
  • Insidious: Return to the Further maze– Immerse yourself in a dark realm filled with the tortured souls of the dead. Journey into “The Further” via the paranormal maze based on all three chapters of the Insidious saga.
  • Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home maze– “You can’t kill the Boogeyman.” Return to Haddonfield, IL on Halloween night, the night Michael Myers came back to take his bloody revenge. Watch your back, he is waiting for you.
  • This is the End: 3D maze– Experience horror, comedy, and mind-altering visuals at James Franco’s house during “the Apocalypse.” Surrounded by Hollywood A-listers and the demons of hell, when the rapture comes will you be saved?
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness Enter Allerdale Hall: an ancient, crumbling, gothic manor haunted by the vengeful spirits of its past inhabitants and the dark secrets of the family that clings to it.
  • AVP: Alien vs. Predator maze– Place yourself in the crossfires of a battle between ancient enemies. Awe at the technologically advanced creatures and state of the art special effects.
  • Terror Tram: Survive the Purge– Hop on the tram and ride to the back-lots of Universal Studios where you can attend the Purge Party. But beware: if you aren’t hunting, are you being hunted?
  • Exterminatorz Scare Zone– Watch out for the part pest/part man hybrids creeping up from the sewers to seek revenge on the human species.
  • Dark Christmas Scare Zone– Have you been naughty or nice? Watch out for Krampus and his demonic companions as they hunt disobedient children and drag them to Hell.
  • Corpz Scare Zone– Journey through the sprawling graveyard where the slain soldiers of “The Lost Generation” are coming back to haunt the streets of Paris after World War 1.
  • The Purge: Urban Nightmare Scare Zone– Stuck in the streets during the 12-hour period of government- sanctioned lawlessness; will you survive this urban nightmare?


Universal Studios will also have live entertainment from the Jabbawockeez: the winners of season one of America’s Best Dance Crew and headliners of the sold out Las Vegas show PRISM.


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Halloween Horror Nights 2015

Where: Universal Studios Hollywood

When: Thursday, September 18- Sunday, November 1

Admission: $60+



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