Glamping: What Is It and Where Can You Do It?


Travelers are saying goodbye to small tents and uncomfortable sleep bags with the new and improved version of camping, “glamping.” Learn why glamping has taken the world by storm, and where you can try it, below.


What Is It?   

Believe it or not, glamping is exactly what it sounds like- glamorous camping. Many campgrounds and national parks have created sites where visitors can enjoy the best parts of camping, without enduring the worst parts. Rather than packing a trunk full of gear and sleeping on the lumpy ground in a tiny tent, campers can now sleep in comfortable beds surrounded by electricity and a kitchen. Glamping could be in a treehouse, log cabin or semi-permanent tent. Basically, the trend allows travelers to experience nature in a more comfortable way.


How Did It Start?

Although the actual start of glamping is uncertain, the reason it has become popular is pretty obvious- some people just don’t like camping. Hiking and biking might be fine, but sleeping with the bugs? No thanks. For that friend or spouse that just can’t leave the comfort of home, this creates the perfect compromise.


Where Can I Glamp?

Nearly anywhere! In the United States, the west coast takes the cake for most glam camping sites, but Colorado, New York, the Great Lakes region and the east coast aren’t far behind. You can stay at Yellowstone National Park’s luxury campsite known as Under Canvas Yellowstone, complete with an on-site restaurant and bathrooms. Or visit Sugar Creek Treehouse in North Carolina- a much larger treehouse fit for six people.

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Are you ready to go on a glamping trip? If the outdoors will just never be your thing, stay at a hotel instead!