Five Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know

travel packing tips

We think that most people will agree when we say the most stressful part about traveling is the packing. Whether you’re a planner or a last-minute suitcase stuffer, packing isn’t always easy. Well, until now. Check out these five tips that are sure to turn you into a packing pro!


Prep & Pack by Outfit

Believe it or not, making a list before you try to pack helps A LOT. A simple checklist will prevent you from forgetting anything important and keeps you on track while packing. Pen and paper lists work, but there are also apps like PackPoint, PackingPro and PackKing designed to help any sort of traveler. As you think of clothes you’ll need for you trip, try planning by outfit. Go through your trip itinerary and decide which outfits you will need for each activity. If you pack by outfit, you’ll avoid the inevitable packing of ten t-shirts you never actually need.  


Roll, Don’t Fold  

While folding clothes might be easier and quicker, rolling will actually give you more space. Compared to folding, rolling makes clothing more compact, allowing for extra shirts and pants. This article tests five different packing methods and concludes that rolling is the most efficient. Although rolling will give you more space, but it doesn’t keep outfits as organized and can lead to wrinkles. So, make sure to weigh the pros and cons before you start to pack.


Layers on Layers

If you can’t fit everything into your suitcase, wear it! There is no limit to the amount of layers you can wear when you travel. Wearing your bulky jacket and largest pair of shoes will save lots of space in your suitcase. But, be prepared: baggy clothing usually warrants an extra security check from TSA.


Follow the Rules

Speaking of TSA, make sure that you know the rules and restrictions for your airline. For example, all liquids going on the plane must be under 3.4 ounces and collectively fit into one quart-sized ziplock bag. Most airlines have a weight and size restriction for checked luggage and carry-ons. Some companies charge for checked bags, others do not. In general, it is always better to check the rules before you get to the airport.


Get Creative

There are so many other ways to save room while packing, you just have to get a little creative. To save room and to maintain the shape of your shoes, pack your socks inside your shoes. Instead of bringing seven different full bottles of foundation/makeup, fill cheap contact cases with the amount you’ll need. When it comes time to choose your carry-on, bring a backpack or small suitcase. Extra outfits, snacks, first aid materials, shoes, etc. can all fit inside a larger carry-on.


No matter the trip, keep these tips in mind next time you pack!