Experience a music-less (sort of) dance party in Santa Monica!


Imagine a couple hundred people dancing like they’re in a club, except without music. In fact, you hear nothing at all except the noise created by flailing limbs and rhythmically bouncing feet.


Is this some type of mass hallucination? A demonstration of some sort?   Nope… it’s Silent Frisco!  



What is Silent Frisco?


Silent Frisco is a company that creates dance parties where the only people who hear the music are the participants. They achieve this feat with the use of some clever technology. By using an FM transmitter to stream music to their guest’s wireless headphones everyone at a Silent Frisco event is able to dance to the same tunes while not disturbing anyone outside of the party.


Though there is a novelty to being at a dance party where you can decide to not hear the music whenever you want. Silent Frisco’s events have a practical advantage as well. The company’s events often occur where loud music is prohibited. Areas that have quiet hours or frequently report noise violations are perfect locations!


Silent Frisco’s name is a combination of their events Genre “Known as silent Disco” and their base of operations. San Francisco, don’t be fooled by the title though SF hosts events all over California, including The Santa Monica Pier!



Silent Frisco September Events


Silent Frisco Seaside Soiree  (9/7 9/14 and 9/21)

These events, happening three Sundays in September at the Santa Monica Pier and are suitable for all ages, the event starts at 4pm and ends at 10pm and tickets range from $10-$15. Listen as two crews of DJs compete for your dance moves


Daft Punk vs. Radiohead @Wokcano  (9/12) 

This special event will take place at the Wokcano restaurant in Santa Monica and offers regular admission for $12.50 or a bottle service VIP package for $400, that package features 8 tickets and a bottle of your choice of Ciroc, Grey Goose, Ketel One, or other high-end liquor. This event will sell out so get your ticket today! 


Be sure to check out one of these events while you’re in Santa Monica, You may discover a passion for a new way to experience music. If not, you’ll still have a great story about going to a silent dance party!





When: September 7th, 12th, 14th and 21st
Where: Santa Monica Pier and Wokcano

Admission: $10 – $400



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