Cold-Conquering Tech

Are you reluctant to leave your house when the weather drops to subarctic temperatures? Well you’re in luck today- we have compiled some of the best technology to help you conquer the cold this winter season! Read below for some of our best finds.


Protect Your Person

Avoid shivering the entire winter season, and instead consider investing in some of this tech designed to keep you warm and toasty, even in the worst of winters.

  • Columbia Self-Warming Boots – these boots use something called “omni-heat” technology that reflects and retains the warmth that your body creates, keeping your feet dry and warm
  • Text-Capable Gloves – keep your fingers warm and use your phone at the same time with Moshi’s “digits” gloves, built with conductive fibers in each finger tip that easily allow you to use touchscreens
  • Towel Warmer – never wrap up in a chilly towel again & invest in the Amba towel warmer, built to keep bath towels warm & fluffy


Cover Your Car  

Commuting to and from work, school or the store can be a hassle during the winter if your car is caked with ice and snow. Luckily this tech is here to help your car brave the storms!

  • Heated Windshield Wiper Blades – these wiper blades quickly melt the ice and snow on your car’s windshield, letting you leave your driveway safely and on time
  • Side Mirror Visors – protect your side mirrors from pesky water droplets and snow, with these attachable side mirror visors
  • Automatic Starter – never get into a cold car again after purchasing an automatic starter! But before you buy one, check out some of these tips when it comes to getting, and setting up, an automatic starter


Help Your House

Protect your home from the brutal elements with some of these great tech inventions.

  • Robot Snowblowers – save your back this winter and let a robot snowblower clear your driveways and sidewalks for you!
  • Belkin Surge Protector – with all of the space heaters and Christmas lights plugged in this winter season, a fuse is bound to be blown- unless you invest in a surge protector. Belkin offers a variety of power strips and surge protectors, with wall outlets and USB ports


As the winter season continues on, don’t suffer from the cold! Consider any or all of our winter tech suggestions to keep you warm and happy, even when the weather isn’t.