CNET’s Best Smart Home Tech

Between smartphone-controlled locks and voice activated lights, homes are becoming smarter and smarter with every purchase. And while this technology can be incredibly helpful, it can also be irritating if it doesn’t work. So, we are here to share some of CNET’s best rated smart home technology for 2018 to help you with your next tech purchase.



Whether it’s forgetting to turn a light off before leaving the house, or wanting lights on when you aren’t at home, smart light technology can be a huge help.

  • BeOn Starter Pack: these bulbs shine when the power goes out and automatically turn on at the sound of your doorbell or alarm
  • Belkin WeMo WiFi Smart Plug: a great starting point towards a smart home, using Wi-Fi connection to turn on and off electronics at the command of an app



As technology improves and thieves become more cunning, a simple lock may not be enough to keep out unwanted visitors. Thankfully, there are plenty of devices and systems designed to keep you safe and your home protected.

  • August Smart Lock: this device works with your existing deadbolt and allows you to lock and unlock your home from your phone
  •  Kuna Toucan: rated as one of the best outdoor cameras with an alarm feature and 2 hours of free cloud storage



In 2018, homeowners like yourself should no longer fuss with temperamental appliances that never seem to work properly. Instead, invest in some of this nifty tech designed to make all things appliances less stressful.


If you choose the right products, smart home technology can make life abundantly easier! Consider some of CNET’s best tech for your next device or share your own suggestions below.