Circus Vargas Comes to Santa Barbara


The modern circus can be traced all the way back to 18th century England! It’s Pretty amazing that in today’s world of instant entertainment an over 200-year-old format is still alive and well. Actually, in today’s world of staring at screens for pre-recorded material seeing a live show in person is pretty refreshing.


In California, one of the best options is Circus Vargas! Circus Vargas travels and will be setting up in Santa Barbara’s Earl Warren Showgrounds from June 11 through the 15th.


Highlights of the Circus 

One of Circus Vargas’s biggest selling points is its venue, the classic “Big Top tent”.  The circus’s founder, Clifford Vargas believed that “a circus wasn’t a circus if it wasn’t under the big top.” Today, Circus Vargas boasts a 90,000 square foot big top style tent that was hand made in Italy!


From clowns, flying trapeze artists to something known as “the globe of death,” Circus Vargas  has all the spectacle you’d expect. It is important to note that Circus Vargas is animal-free. The 2015 edition of the circus intertwines “Arlequin” a  story of a boy who dreams of joining the circus who is visited in his dreams by a myriad of circus performers into the performance.



Founded in 1969 by Clifford Vargas, Circus Vargas has transferred ownership a few times. It’s current ownership is Tabares Entertainment inc, which is run by the Quiroga family, a family of former circus performers.



Kids 2 and under – Free

VIP Experience  – $60-$70

Ringside Reserved – $45-55

Arena – $25-35

Bleacher Seating – $15-25

Tickets can be purchased via


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Twitter: @CircusVargas

Facebook: CircusVargas

Instagram: Circus Vargus Official




Circus Vargas in Santa Barbara

Where: Santa Barbara, California

When: June 11-15th

Admission: $15-$70



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