CicLAvia is coming to the Valley on March 22nd



Can you imagine a world without cars? It would definitely have drawbacks like slower transportation and less convenient travel. But you have to admit there would also be some benefits like cleaner air, healthier people and quieter cities.


An organization in Los Angeles called CicLAvia is giving people the opportunity to experience this simpler life with a series of car-free events. They’re definitely not advocating that we get rid of cars, but their events are a great reminder of the other transportation options available.


CicLA …What?

One of the best descriptions of CicLAvia comes from its website:”we close down streets and do fun stuff.” Meant to advocate for alternative forms of transportation that are cheaper, better for the environment and healthier, CicLAvia describes a series of Los Angeles events where pedestrian traffic is made a priority. The organization’s mission is “to encourage safe, vibrant public spaces, sustainable transportation and public health through a program of car-free street events.”  CicLAvia’s next event is coming up on March 22nd and will feature the San Fernando Valley.


CicLAvia – The Valley

CicLAvia will take over the San Fernando Valley on March 22nd from 9am to 4pm. The event’s route is 6 miles and goes from the North Hollywood Arts District Hub on Chandler, down Lankershim and west across Ventura avenue all the way to ColdWater Canyon. An important point to remember is that CicLAvia is not a race, and safety is key. CicLAvia encourages all participants to be aware of their surroundings and be careful, no matter what mode of transportation they choose.


History of CicLAvia

Inspiration for CicLAvia came from a weekly event in  Bogota Colombia, titled Ciclovia, where some of the streets are shut down to motorized travel and cyclists, runners and joggers are given priority. Los Angeles’s version started with an idea in 2008 and an inaugural event in 2010. 2015 marks the first year the San Fernando Valley will host an event.


Join the conversation

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CicLAvia – The Valley 

When: March 22nd

Where: The San Fernando Valley- Los Angeles

Admission: Free

Event Route Map 



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