Chinese New Year Celebration in Chicago

Chinese New Year in Chicago

Chicago is known for its many festivals and celebrations but one of its largest citywide events is the Chinese New Year celebration. With a massive parade full of colorful displays and eclectic performances, Chicago’s Chinese New Year is one party that you don’t want to miss.


This Year’s Events

During this upcoming week, Chicago is hosting several events to finish up the New Year celebration. On Feb 4, the Argyle Lunar New Year Parade will start at 1pm featuring music, colorful dances and countless floats. The parade is free to attend and will begin underneath the CTA Argyle red line station. The Chinese New Year Parade will be held the following day, Feb 5, starting 12pm in Chinatown. Celebrate the Year of the Rooster with over 30,000 attendees including marching bands, lion dance performances and the iconic 100-foot paper dragon. Later in the week on Feb 9, come watch the 2016 film, New Year’s Eve of Old Lee at the Asian Pop-Up Cinema located at the Claudia Cassidy Theater. The film will be played in Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles. On Feb 12, the Chinese New Year celebrations will come to a close with the annual Chinese Lantern Festival. Starting at 12pm, the Crystal Gardens will be transformed with festivities including vendors, culinary sampling, martial arts performances and music. For a complete list of the upcoming Chinese New Year events, click here.


The Year of the Rooster

Each year in the Chinese calendar is characterized by one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, this year being the rooster. So, what does this mean for you? People born during this year are said to be honest, energetic and intelligent, however can also be perceived as vain and arrogant. A strong work ethic and conscious health decisions are recommended for everyone during this Year of the Rooster.


History of the Chinese New Year Celebration

The celebration of the Chinese New Year has been around for an incredibly long time, dating back as far as 14th century BC. During this time, and the years to follow, the New Year was heavily and seriously celebrated amongst the Chinese population. In fact, when the New Year arrived, business life in China came to a near halt as families came together to thoroughly clean their homes for much anticipated visits from their gods. In recent years, the name Chinese New Year has actually shifted to “Spring Festival”, however, despite the change, the holiday is still widely celebrated, especially in the city of Chicago.


So, what are you waiting for? The party has already started, but it’s not over yet! Head to Chicago to join the celebration and afterwards, stay to relax at the luxurious Majestic Hotel, conveniently located near the festivities.




Chinese New Year in Chicago

Where: Various locations throughout Chicago

When: January 28 – February 12

Admission: Most events are free



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