Broughton Hotels of Chicago Unveil Renovations



On March 1st Broughton Hotels unveiled stunning renovations to its three boutique Chicago properties. The Majestic Hotel, The Willows and City Suites Chicago each underwent a functional and aesthetic transformation in the early part of 2014.


One of the updates to Broughton’s Chicago portfolio was a high-tech upgrade. Each of the Chicago properties now have a fiber-optic internet connection and an iHome docking station in each room. Another big change that guests will be sure to note is an overhaul of the lobby and guest-rooms of each property.


Broughton Hotels was able to achieve a difficult feat in renovating these properties which was providing a noticeable upgrade, yet still preserving the original look and feel that has attracted guests for years.


“We are thrilled to introduce a stunning renovation that retains the charm that travelers have embraced at Broughton Hotels.  – Larry Broughton, President and CEO Broughton Hotels.


Each of Broughton’s Chicago properties has a unique atmosphere and personality and the renovations build on those personalties. Though you’ll have to experience the hotels in-person to get the full effect here’s a list of some of the changes the hotels have undergone. Be sure to check out each hotel’s website for additional information and pictures of the renovation.


The Majestic Hotel 

This hotel has lots of charm with its comfortable, delightful atmosphere of an upscale English manor, amidst the energetic city life of the bustling Lakeview neighborhood. 528 West Brompton, Chicago, IL 60657. 773.404.3499.

Renovation Details

  • Art Deco Chandelier in the lobby
  • Wall length vintage photograph of Wrigley Field
  • Expansive fireplace
  • Neutral tone color scheme in guest rooms
  • New linens and window coverings
  • Wooden furniture
  • Plush carpeting


The Willows Hotel


The moment you arrive, you’ll feel the effortless charm of a French country home, accented by our 19th century-style furnishings and the warm welcome of our friendly staff. 555 West Surf, Chicago, IL 60657. 888.779.1904.

Renovation Details 

  • Lobby fireplace
  • Gathering tables
  • French country light fixtures
  • New guest-room furniture, carpeting and bed linens


City Suites Hotel


A sleek, retro property characterized by its unique Art Deco style. 933 West Belmont, Chicago, IL, 60657, 773.404.3400.

Renovation Details 

  • Lobby corridor lined with natural wood beams
  • Striking black and white photography decorating the walls
  • Mid century themed light fixtures
  • Black and white linens
  • New furniture and carpeting in guest rooms


If you’ve never stayed at one of Broughton’s Chicago properties you’re missing out. And if you have been , be sure to stop in and see what’s new!