Brick by Brick Lego Exhibit

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People young and old have a love for LEGOs. An entire subculture of video games, movies and even theme parks have made their way to mainstream over the decades. It goes as no surprise that the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago is featuring an exhibit on this popular toy. Brick by Brick is a must see for all Lego lovers. Located a short drive up the coast, The Willows Hotel is a great place to stay after your day of adventure comes to a close.


The Museum of Science and Industry Chicago proudly presents the Brick by Brick LEGO Exhibit. Blending fun and education, this exhibit is perfect for all ages. More than a dozen jaw-dropping LEGO-engineered wonders are on display built by Chicago native Adam Reed Tucker. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Roman Colosseum, these masterpieces are sure to bring out your inner builder. Tucker is one of only 14 LEGO Certified professionals on the planet! Alongside Tucker, several top architectural firms made contributions to educate museumgoers on design in architecture.


LEGO was founded by a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark in 1949. He lost his job in the thirties and began building toys to make money for his family. What started as wooden ducks led to plastic, interlocking bricks and skyrocketing popularity. Christiansen came up with the LEGO name from the Danish words “leg” and “godt” which translates to “play well.” It was a happy accident when Christiansen learned that LEGO is Latin for “I put together” a few years after the company’s inception.


It’s Your Turn to Build


Brick by Brick wants you to show them what you’ve got! Build your best structures to see if they’ll stand up to simulated disasters like earthquakes and high winds. Kids and adults alike can try their hand at designing an architectural masterpiece in the open build area.


The exhibit is only in town until February 5th, so get there now before it’s too late! A ticket will get you into Brick by Brick as well as the museum’s other exhibits and displays.



What: Brick by Brick LEGO Exhibit

Where: The Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, 5700 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60637

When: Now through Sunday February, 5th.

Admission: Adults $28+, Children $18+


Where to Stay

Willows Hotel

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