Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

This summer, visit the Briar Street Theatre in Chicago to witness one of the most unbelievable theatrical performance groups in the world- The Blue Man Group. The show’s creative blend of modern music and theatrical demonstrations will undoubtedly explain why countries across the globe find these strange blue men so remarkable.


About the Show

With the combination of music, technology and comedy, a Blue Man Group show is something that you must experience in order to fully understand the method behind its madness. In fact, critics have called the Blue Man Group’s percussion performances and humorous miming “innovative, energetic and wildly entertaining”. As Chicago being one of the group’s permanent production cities, locals and visitors alike can witness the spectacular performance nearly any day of summer at the Briar Street Theatre. Visit the online calendar to see the complete list of dates and times that you can choose from when planning your concert experience.


Birth of the Blue Man  

The iconic and insanely creative Blue Man Group has been an international sensation for over 20 years, yet its humble beginnings may surprise you. As a celebration of the end of the 80s, three friends fresh out of college, Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman developed the “Blue Man” character and led a procession that included the burning of a Rambo doll and a piece of the Berlin Wall. After this demonstration, the Blue Men quickly gained attention and transitioned from small street “disturbances” to theatrical performances. Since then, the Blue Man Group has grown tremendously with performances in over 20 countries and permanent productions in various cities including New York, Las Vegas and Chicago (to name a few). In addition to being incredible performers, the Blue Men are also Grammy-nominated recording artists and authors with their recently published book, “Blue Man World.”



When deciding which Blue Man Group show to attend, make sure you check out the wide variety of ticket packages and discounts offered. If you are a MasterCard cardholder, you have the option to reserve poncho seats, located closest to the stage with prices ranging from $79 – $89. College students can purchase discounted tickets for $35 by presenting their college I.D. at the box office two hours prior to the start of the show. Select performances (click here for the list of dates) are discounted at $59 per ticket with the use of the promo code “CHI59” during purchase and VIP tickets can be purchased for $89+, including a meal, premium seats, photo opportunities and more. Visit the Blue Man Group website for a complete list of ticket packages and discounts.


While there are plenty of shows to choose from, the best seats will sell fast, so don’t wait too long to purchase your tickets! And when you begin your search for a place to stay, consider the City Suites Hotel. Located just five minutes from the theatre, this unique boutique hotel pairs perfectly with the equally unique Blue Man Group performance.



Blue Man Group

Where: Briar Street Theatre, 3133 N. Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

When: Now – August

Admission: $49 – $89



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