Blue Man Group Comes to Chicago



Three bald guys covered in blue paint walk onto a stage… No, this isn’t the introduction to a joke it’s one of the most interesting musical shows in the world! Get ready Chicago, the Blue Man Group is here!


Founded in 1987, the Blue Man Group has emerged as one of the most uniquely entertaining music shows in the country. The group, easily recognized by their bald caps and blue body paint, uses elements of music, technology, creativity and , of course, comedy  to give audiences a show they will never forget.


One of the hallmarks of the Blue Man Group is their use of improvised instruments especially in percussion, for example some of the groups more notable instruments consist of PVC pipes that are struck with paddles.


Though the show’s atmosphere is one of fun and comedy, they also touch upon deeper themes such as isolation, innocence, technology and being an outsider. In fact, one of the reasons the shows always consist of three men  is that it’s the smallest number of people in which situations that create an outsider can exist.


Despite the difficult to describe concept of the show, the Blue Man Group has become well known in pop culture and has even appeared on popular television shows such as The Tonight Show, Scrubs and Arrested Development.


The Blue Man Group Chicago shows will be held  at the renowned Briar Street Theatre. This venue has been the home of past Blue Man Group shows and is located in the Lakeview Neighborhood.


Ticket sale options range from individuals to corporate groups. There are also options for student rush tickets.


Get Social!

The Blue Man Group has an extensive social media presence including accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. If you’re a fan, or simply want to know more about this awesome experience, check them out on social media.




The Blue Man Group

Date: various, now through March 2014

Admission: $57-$107

Box Office: (773) 348-4000

Group Ticket Sales: (773) 348-3300

Location:  Briar Street Theater, 3133 N. Halsted Chicago IL 60657



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