Best Maps to Use While Traveling

Let’s face it, traveling to a new city can be confusing and stressful when you’re unsure of where to go. But, luckily in today’s tech-infused world, we have our smartphones at the ready! Before your next trip, make sure to download one of the helpful map apps listed below to assist you in navigating new terrain.


An All-In-One Map

Whether you’re traveling within the United States or across the globe, Google Maps is by far the best all-in-one map app. One of its most helpful features is that it provides multiple transit route options, including driving, walking and public transportation. This is especially helpful when navigating complicating public transportation systems, like the subway networks of New York City. If you’re not quite sure of where you want to go, you can use the app’s “Explore Nearby” feature that will populate with suggested restaurants and attractions. The app even provides helpful maps to navigate inside major buildings, like large airports and museums.


For Outdoor Exploration

Designed for hikers and bikers, Komoot is a great map app for off-road exploration. The app provides customized routes, specific to the type of activity you plan on doing (think: biking, hiking, running) and what you’d like to see along the way. Each route shows a topographical breakdown so that you know the amount of road, trail or bumpy terrain you’ll be traveling. Afterwards, you can save your trek on your profile to keep a log of where you’ve been and how far you’ve traveled.


Community-Based GPS

Coined as a social GPS app, Waze merges traditional GPS features with social networking. How’s it work? Waze users have the power to report traffic incidents in real-time, so that other nearby drivers are alerted. Drivers can report things like heavy traffic up ahead, police officers, accidents, low gas prices, road closures and more. Since the app uses real people for updates, its maps are usually updated much quicker than other traditional GPS services.


Local Tips and Guides

If you’re a fan of exploring new places like local, then you’ll want to download Spotted by Locals. This app provides guides, built by local residents, for over 70 locations. Guides can be viewed with WiFi or downloaded and accessed offline. Each guide highlights locals’ favorite attractions, restaurants and more, while avoiding the usual tourist interests. The only catch? Guides cost $3.99 to download.


In today’s digital world, there is no reason to feel lost in a new place. Take advantage of the diverse map apps out there and enjoy exploring your next destination!