Back To School Tech


Ah, yes, the end of August. Besides the days slowly getting shorter, the end of this month can only mean one thing- back to school! Vacations have come and gone and now young adults are dorm room shopping, high school students are prepping for Friday night football games, and even you yourself are preparing for the beginning of school. Excited freshmen or old hats, they’re going to need the latest technology to aid them in their learning and turn their dorm room into an escape from reality. Check out this handy guide for the latest tech trends!


Canon Compact Wireless Printer– This sleek wireless printer lets you copy, scan and print with ease. Perfect for printing that pesky research paper due in less than an hour!


Jackery Titan Portable Charger– Between classes, extra curricular activities, homework, and hanging out, your child’s devices are going to be running low on battery. This powerful yet tiny pack keeps your kids connected on the go!


Amazon Prime Student– Imagine a world where almost anything you could possibly want (dorm bedding, school supplies, textbooks!) is one click away and shipped for free. Enter Amazon Prime. The student version is just $49 for a membership and includes so many perks, it might make your head spin.


Satechi Type-C USB Hub– Most new laptops have lots of bells and whistles, but lack enough USB ports. This slim extension hub allows you to share files/projects on multiple flash drives, charge devices and access info or pictures on SD cards.


Kensington Combination Laptop Lock– Whether your child is in college or high school, laptops have become a necessity for education. Keep their expensive machines safe with this handy cable lock. Potential thieves don’t stand a chance!


Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones– Studying in the library or student union can get pretty noisy at times, but with these headphones on hand you or your student will be able to concentrate with ease.


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer– A picture is worth a thousand words! Instantly print photos from your social media accounts or ones you have taken on your phone with this portable photo printer. These 2×3 prints have optional sticky backing so they can be turned into stickers for dorm rooms, scrap books or even lockers.


ZOEE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker– Make some noise in the dorm, at a party or just chilling at home- this compact speaker packs a punch and will keep the Bluetooth connectivity from 30 feet away.


Tech Backpacks– With all the gear that you or your child need for school, you also need a backpack to keep it all together without breaking your shoulders or your wallet. Check out this Amazon list of the best backpacks to see which one meets your specific needs!


Roku Premiere+– We all need a study break now and then. Whether your student still lives at home or they’ve relocated to campus, Roku allows them to stream their favorite shows whenever they want (just not before a big exam).


While the warm weather may last a few more weeks, it’s time to face the music that school is right around the corner. But with the right tech to keep you connected and happy, the year doesn’t need to be stressful. Have a great first day of class!