Attend a Concert in Monterey


Attend a Concert in Monterey

Feel like the sea is calling to you? It’s probably the outstanding music concerts coming to Monterey this February. With an entire concert series dedicated to the sea, Sound Waves presented by the Monterey Symphony is a must-visit event. Classic pieces will transport you to Monterey’s gorgeous waterfront coastline. Or if you’re looking to jazz things up (literally) then check out the 39th Annual Jazz Bash by the Bay. On Feb 16, Monterey curates a world-class jazz festival with outstanding performers.


Monterey Symphony Sound Waves – Concert III

Let the rolling melody of Sound Waves carry you away on Feb 16 (8 p.m.) and 17 (3:00 p.m.) at Sunset Center. Sooth your ears as you listen to the Monterey Symphony, conducted by Max Bragado-Darman, play multiple works dedicated to the sea. Timeless pieces such as La Mer composed by Claude Debussy, captures the true essence of the sea. French piece Escales will paint a picturesque scene of the Mediterranean ports. The Sound Waves concert will also feature “Four Sea Interludes” from Peter Grimes, Op. 33a. Also expect to hear Greek mythology-based tone-poem Oceanides, Op. 73 by Jean Sibelius. With these amazing pieces you’ll truly feel one with the sea as you spend your time in California’s finest coastal area. Tickets for this event start at $40.


Hotel Near Monterey Symphony Sound Waves

After a night of calming water-themed symphony you’ll be ready to take a day or two to enjoy the Monterey coastline. And an intimate Monterey boutique hotel like DeAnza Inn is the perfect choice. Conveniently located near many Monterey attractions, including the Sunset Center, DeAnza Inn offers spacious rooms and unbeatable amenities.


All About Jazz Bash by the Bay

This year, the Jazz Bash by the Bay takes on Monterey’s waterfront again, bringing in world-class musicians to create the ultimate jazz festival. Starting March 1, the Monterey Conference Center will be transformed into a world of jazz. This three-day event will feature over 25 bands and performers jazz, ragtime, blues and more. Don’t miss the festival kick off on Thursday, Feb 28 with the Clicktrax Jazz Orchestra. Purchase your badges for this event before they run out! Thursday night’s kick off badge. Badges for the rest of the festival start at $50. Feel free to download their brochure of events too.


This February, the hills of California will feel alive as the music rolls through Monterey. So stay a night or two at the intimate DeAnza Inn! Where you can continue your musical journey and relax.



DeAnza Inn
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