Apple Watch: Revolutionary or Unnecessary?

apple watch

The humble wristwatch, a staple of fashion for nearly 100 years, seems to be on the way out with the millennial generation. But that could all change with a new product set to be released in early 2015.


Unsurprisingly, that potentially groundbreaking device is from technology superpower Apple. If executed correctly their attempt at a smart watch, what they are calling Apple Watch could revolutionize the wearable computing industry. And with their track record of ground-breaking products, there’s no reason it couldn’t happen.


Apple Watch was announced at the company’s September 9th event. Some of its highlights include notifications, text messages and emails right on your wrist, An impressive health tracking system and a design that could actually make smart watches cool.


Overall, it looks to have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an Apple release, the only question now is how well the device will actually work once on the wrists of real people.


Discreet notifications

Vibration in phones has completely changed how we think about receiving calls and messages. When’s the last time you actually heard a cellphone ring? One of the more interesting parts of Apple Watch is a feedback system Apple calls the “Taptic Engine” which alerts the user to calls, emails and text messages through the sensation of a light tap on the wrist. Supposedly this mini-vibration won’t be able to be detected by anyone but the wearer.


An easier way to track fitness goals

Another exciting feature of the Apple Watch is its advanced fitness tracking capabilities. Apple Watch monitors heart rate, tracks daily movement and even records how frequently its wearer stands throughout the day. In typical Apple fashion, progress on these categories is displayed in a beautiful chart.


A smart watch that actually looks cool ?

The design of Apple Watch might be its most important feature. Nobody is going to want to where a smartwatch that looks like they have a calculator strapped to their wrist. Luckily, at least from the promotional images, “elegant” is the first term that comes to mind when looking at the device. The watch body is square with rounded edges and has side glass curvature similar to that of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.


All new user interface

The operating system was also redesigned specifically for Apple Watch. Rather than simply shrinking down iOS that is used on their phones and tablets, Apple Watch uses a custom version that makes the small screen especially easy to use.


Like the crown of traditional watches that are used to set the time, the digital crown on Apple Watch is the main way users will interact with the device.

It might seem a little strange now , but Apple is pretty good at getting input devices right!


To be released early 2015

If you’re excited about the Apple Watch unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little bit longer, the watch comes out sometime in early 2015, but there hasn’t been a specific launch date announced yet.


If you want to know more about Apple Watch, be sure to head on over to Apple’s website and watch the keynote!  


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