A How-To Guide on Traveling With Pets

traveling with a pet

Planning a vacation, but not sure what to do with your furry friends at home? Take them with you! But, before you pack up and go, consider some of these tips when it comes to traveling with your pet.


Road Trippin’

As you stuff the trunk and get ready to hit the road with your furry friend, take a second to consider some of these tips when it comes to pet road trips.

  • Trial Run: before taking off for a long trip, take your pet for a test drive and make sure he doesn’t get overly anxious or sick
  • Safety First: keep your pet safely contained throughout the trip, over 30,000 accidents are caused each year by an unrestrained dog in the front seat. Avoid the distraction with a pet barrier, seat belt or crate
  • Prepare for the Worst: in case your pet wants to take a vacation of his own, attach a second tag to your pet’s collar with the address and phone number of where you’ll be staying
  • Don’t Neglect: take pit stops every 2-3 hours, keep your pet hydrated with cold water and NEVER leave your pet alone in the car, especially in hot weather



If you just can’t imagine sitting in a car for 14 hours, then flying might be more your style. Take a look at these tips to make sure that your pet’s flight is as comfortable as yours.

  • Healthy to Fly: if your pet is very young, very old or unhealthy, you might want to think twice about booking its flight
  • Choose Wisely: recently, many pets have been injured or lost on airlines. Research the airline’s history with pets to make the safest decision for your pal
  • Prepare for Take-Off: make sure that your pet’s crate meets airline requirements, take him for a walk before the long flight and take extra measures to ensure that your pet is relaxed during travel (essential oils, favorite toy)


Pet-Friendly Hotels

While traveling is the hard part, don’t forget to book a stay at a hotel that will treat your pet right! If you’re traveling to Santa Cruz, California, we recommend that you stay at the beautiful Hotel Solares. It is located within walking distance of the iconic boardwalk, and offers plenty of amenities that will make you and your pet feel right at home. For more pet-friendly hotels, read this article.


Whether in a car or on a plane, it’s important that you take care of your pet while traveling! Have tips of your own? Share them with us in the comment section!