7 Things to Know About Taking an Extended Trip to California

Written by: Kevin Devoto


Taking a long term trip can be exciting. You’ll no doubt have a chance to visit and experience things that would have to be passed over on a shorter trip. There are many logistical challenges to extended travel, too. Here are seven tips that can help you plan an awesome long term tip to California.

1. Know Where to Go

This is the first step to planning a successful long term trip. You will want to have at least a rough idea of the areas you plan to travel to. If you happen to be heading to California, do you want to see the glamour around Los Angeles or the farm and wine country around the Sonoma valley?

Once you know an area, find the major medical centers so you know where to go in case of an emergency. If you have any health concerns, now is the time to reach out to a doctor and pharmacy there so you can coordinate care. If you are planning to work while on this trip, make sure you know what highways or transportation options go near the office.

2. Secure Housing

The housing situation in California can be pretty tough to navigate, so don’t leave a place to stay to chance. Hotels can get old pretty fast when you are traveling for a long time. so plan on something a little more like home for anything over a few weeks.

Many people in the LA area are adding accessory dwellings to their homes, so you might be able to secure a tiny home rental for a reasonable amount. Research storage units in Los Angeles because space will be tight in these.

3. Pack Light

If you are planning to move from place to place, be mindful of how much you really want to carry with you. There are laundry facilities in most towns and cities; assume you will need to use them. Pick clothing items that can easily mix and match, and plan to layer them in cooler weather.

4. Build Your Savings

Having a reliable source of money to draw from while you are away can help you feel at ease and actually enjoy the trip. Make sure there is enough to cover your expenses for however long you are planning to be away, plus some extra for emergencies.

5. Secure Work

If you don’t have enough money put away to live off your savings, there are options for working on the road. Temp agencies can hook you up with a variety of jobs if you have the right education or experience.

If you prefer to try out the digital nomad lifestyle, there are plenty of opportunities for remote work, too. If you already have a blog or active social media account, look at ways to monetize that for some passive income. Teaching, tutoring, transcription, and writing services are also quite common in remote format. You will need a reliable internet connection and a quiet place to work for any of those, so keep that in mind when looking for housing.

6. Know Seasonal Weather

You may be in California for several seasons. The state is not all beaches and sunshine, In fact, there can be severe winter storms, damaging winds, and heavy rains. Make clothing choices and activity plans around the normal seasonal temperatures and conditions so you aren’t disappointed.

There is also, of course, a wildfire season. If you are going to be in areas that are likely to experience fires, make sure you have a backup plan in place and that you know where to go in an emergency.

7. Plan Your Must-See List

Even if you are working while on this trip, arrange to visit your “must see” list of destinations. Even if they are a few hours away, make plans to go. Otherwise, you’ll regret passing up the opportunity while you are so close.

Long term travel is a great way to really get to know a place and enjoy some time there like a local. Taking a few extra steps before you go can help you enjoy the people, places, and experiences knowing you are fully prepared for whatever may come up.