6 Tips for Traveling in Groups

Whether it’s a family reunion, spring break or your 50th birthday, trips with lots of people can be some of your best memories or some of your worst. Before you plan your next group trip, take advantage of these six planning and travel tips.


Tip 1: Pick a Leader of the Pack

In a perfect world, group trips would be planned as an actual group. But, let’s face it– some friends are too busy, while others are procrastinators and a select few are just plain unorganized. So, pick a leader (or two) to handle the logistics of your trip. Trust us, it’s much easier to keep things like room reservations and flight booking organized and moving along with someone in charge.


Tip 2: Start a Group Message

In today’s world, the easiest way to keep everyone in the trip planning loop is with a group message. Apps like GroupMe work really well if some members can’t receive group texts. Or, if all your friends/family members have smart phones, creating a simple in-message group chat works too. Not only are group messages perfect for sharing information, but they’re also a great way to get everyone excited for the trip!


Tip 3: Stick Together

This tip is especially important when traveling as a family with young kids, or if you’re traveling to a not-so-safe area. Establish meeting points throughout the trip and make sure you have everyone before moving on to the next stop. And while matching group t-shirts might be a little overkill, you could have matching luggage bands. Why? Tying the same color ribbon onto everyone’s suitcases makes them 10x easier to retrieve from baggage claim.


Tip 4: Maintain the Democracy

Before and during your trip, make sure that each group member has a chance to share their thoughts on things to do, places to visit and food to eat. Taking a vote is the easiest way to avoid unhappy campers. Try to keep day-to-day plans as varied as possible so that everyone has a chance to do something they like.


Tip 5: When Democracy Fails…

Split up. We know we just said stay together, but hear us out. If your democratic vote ends in a tie or arguments, just simply split the group. Especially with large amounts of people, it’s okay (and usually easier) if you all do different things throughout the trip. Plan a few events or meals with the entire group, but don’t be afraid to split up before tempers go south.


Tip 6: Avoid Hang-er at ALL COSTS

Speaking of tempers, keep an eye on everyone’s hang-er (hunger + anger) levels. Have a plan for main meals or snacks throughout the day and make sure to account for wait times. If you have a group of 15, you probably won’t be seated at a restaurant without a reservation (cue the “group leader”). Bottom line: When someone gets hangry, nobody is happy.


With these tips in mind, start planning your next group trip! Then sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation. And if you’re planning for a trip to Boston anytime soon, check out this blog on FREE Things to Do in Boston.