5 Tips For Traveling in California

Written by: Paisley Hansen

California is a very large and very beautiful state. California has nine National Parks, is set against the Pacific Ocean on one side and borders the Baja peninsula of Mexico to its Southernmost edge. The National Parks alone showcase this great state’s variety.

Joshua Tree National Park is a desert wonderland with unique energy and beautiful yet alien-like plant and animal life, whereas the wondrous Yosemite National Park offers some of the most renowned traditional and sport rock climbing in the entire world.

Although California is known for its natural wonders, there are plenty of cities and attractions that have nothing to do with the great outdoors. Los Angeles houses the nation’s film industry and is home to many celebrities. San Francisco is known for its angst, punk rock scene with its many bookstores and coffee shops. No matter how you travel throughout California, you are bound to find something that intrigues you. Here are five tips to consider for your journey in the Golden State:


1. Protect Your Finances

No matter where you travel, this should always be your number one priority. It is a pretty simple fact that you need your money to be accessible and safe in order to see what you want to see and go where you want to go. You can protect your debit card, credit
card and any money you have by purchasing and utilizing a wallet that is attached directly to your clothing or that you can wear around your neck. It may seem cheesy and you might feel a little dorky, but it is a smart idea to make sure you keep your financial necessities close to you! You should also try to stop and utilize atms with secure and versatile atm routers whenever you can find them on your journey.


2. Learn About Wildlife

California is known for its large and sometimes dangerous animals. No matter where you travel within the state, you should read up on how to deal with encountering any of these animals. This applies to you especially if you plan on camping or hiking in a National Park. Animals you should consider studying are bears, coyotes, rattlesnakes and mountain lions.


3. Consider Renting a Car

This state has a lot of ground area to cover. You may be tempted to try and see everything all in a week or two, but you will probably have a better time if you focus on a specific trip and spend more time at each destination. In order to be able to really plan a trip that works specifically for you you should consider renting a car. Doing this allows you to go where you want in California when you want and you pick a model of car that suits your adventure needs.


4. Pack For Climate Variety

Due to California’s large land area, there is also a lot of variety in climate and weather. You could drive four hours from a desert and be at the top of a high alpine mountain! This is incredible, but also poses some difficulty in packing. To mitigate any discomfort for yourself you should pack a variety of clothes that could work in different climates. You should be sure to have quick drying outer and base layers in case of a rain storm
as well as shoes that have traction and shoes that work in really hot weather.


5. Book In Advance

California is amazing and because of that it is often busy. It will work out best for you and any companions to book your accommodations and attraction visitations in advance of your trip. This will keep you on a schedule and will ensure that you have places to sleep and things to do.

Because of its massive variety, California is an ideal destination for practically anyone. This also means that it can be tricky deciding where to go and what to see while you are there. Whether you are a city person or an aficionado of the natural world, California has something to offer you. Just make sure to keep these tips in mind while you are there and to prepare you for your travels in advance. But most of all, remember to have fun!