5 Tips For Successfully Traveling With Your Kids

If you are planning to take your kids on vacation this year, then it is essential to make the necessary preparations before your trip. This will help ensure there is little boredom, meltdowns, or angry outbursts from your little ones. After all, a child that is not content can make you want to escape your vehicle as quickly as possible. However, with proper planning, you will find that your trip was so enjoyable you want to do it again. Here are some things to keep in mind when traveling with kids.

1. Find a “Kid Friendly” Place to Travel To

Of course, before you set out on your trip, you need to decide where you want to go. For
instance, do you want to go camping? Or rent a hotel? Perhaps you are looking for optimal
privacy, one may opt for a vacation rental to have a little more privacy. There are several great locations all over the west coast that offer beach access and provide a family friendly
atmosphere, such as the Inn at East Beach. It is important to know if the hotel you are
interested in offers breakfast to feed your kids in the morning before a day of exploring, or if the food at the hotel is an added expense you must account for on your trip. If you do opt for a rental, then make sure your book your vacation in advance. This will allow you to lock in savings that may not be offered as you get closer to your vacationing dates.

2. Pack a Bag For the Kids

Make sure you pack a bag specifically for entertainment while in the car or on a plane.
Remember children get bored easily, so consider items such as coloring/ picture books, movies on a smart device, and even compact travel games if your children are a little older. It is also wise to pack snacks and drinks that are easily accessible, because a hungry child can become a tyrant very quickly. Once you set out on your adventure take it slow, and allow plenty of time to get from one destination to the next. Prepare to cover less miles than you would if you were traveling alone. This will allow young children to feel less cooped up while riding in the car, and allow for less distractions while traveling.

3. Don’t Pack More Than You Need

Do not pack more than you need for your trip. When your hands are free and not busy grabbing items out of travel bags, it will be easier to take care of your kids. Packing light will ensure you do not have children wandering off unsupervised while you are in the parking lot, lobby, or trying to find your room. Just remember the less you take on your trip the more room you have for souvenirs and memorabilia. Creating memories and buying souvenirs with children may turn out to be one of the greatest parts of your vacation. Although you should be mindful of not over-packing, it is important to make sure you pack any specialty items that may be hard to find on the road such as eco or organic brand diapers, clothing, or food. You do not want to spend most of your vacation looking for a specific product when you can simply come prepared.

4. Expect the Unexpected- Enjoy Letting Your Kids Be the Tour Guide

It is important to remain flexible while you are enjoying your vacation. Kids are often quick to change their minds and enjoy being spontaneous. Instead of sticking to a rigorous agenda, allow them to guide you through the day from time to time. You never know what amazing things they will show you, and they will mature before your very eyes. This is because they are getting the chance to feel empowered and in control for once.

5. Stay Calm and Relaxed

Most importantly, stay calm and relaxed. Do not let every little meltdown ruin your day, and prepare yourself to experience at least a few tantrums on your trip. Kids will be kids, but as long as you leave your home prepared you will find that your trip feels more like a vacation than work. Be sure to bring your digital camera, because you will want to take pictures of your memories in the making. This will allow you to share your experiences with friends and family, as well as allow your young ones to look back on the trip they had so much fun on! Enjoy the good times, and roll with the bad. As long as you can do this, you will have an experience of a lifetime.

This blog post is a guest post written by Kevin Devoto.