5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Beach Day

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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Beach Day

What does your ideal summer vacation look like? If you’re thinking glistening water and bright sandy beaches, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s five tips for planning the perfect beach day.


Choose the Right Beach

This is hands down the first and most important step in planning the perfect beach day. Are you looking for a quiet and relaxing beach? Or do you want live music and crowds of people? Some are adult-only, while others are meant for families. And many beaches have specific rules on pets, boating, alcohol, collecting shells, etc. So, as you look for a beach to visit, make sure you read the reviews first! Choose one that best fits your beaching needs so that you don’t arrive disappointed or frustrated.


Apply So You Don’t Fry

Let’s face it: Getting sunburnt is a real quick end to a perfect beach day. So, don’t forget to apply and pack the sunscreen! And if you really want to avoid burns, apply sunscreen well before you leave for the beach. Not only is it easier to apply sunscreen without the sand and sun, but it’s also more effective. In fact, studies show that some sunscreens (known as “chemical sunscreens”) need at least 30 minutes to soak into your skin and activate. So, if you wait until you’re at the beach to apply, you’re probably already getting burned. After the initial coat, make sure to re-apply plenty of times while on the beach, especially if you’re swimming. Pro tip: Pack spray sunscreen instead of lotion for on the beach– no rubbing in means no painful sand grinding against your skin.


Pack Some Snacks

Bringing along the right snacks and drinks is especially important if you have little ones in tow. Make sure to pack a cooler with plenty of ice, or frozen water bottles, so that all snacks stay cool. Avoid perishable foods like yogurt, and instead stick to things like granola, fruit, crackers and PB&J. Think of foods that will (a) hydrate you and (b) replace energies you’ve lost throughout the day. Avoid sandy contamination and pack everything in sealable containers or bags. Packing silverware is also a good idea– you can eat without worrying about sand on your hands. And don’t forget to throw a few garbage bags in your cooler for any post-snack trash.


Comfy Chairs and Towels Are a Must

Think about it: You’re just one chair or towel choice away from a very wet, sandy and miserable beach day. So, choose wisely! There’s simple beach chairs and chairs with built-in coolers. There’s also options with nice shady canopies and headrests. When it comes to towels, make sure to bring one that’s heavy and large. Heavier towels won’t blow away in the breeze and a large surface area means less sand on your belongings!


Don’t Forget the Toys

Believe it or not, this tip is for beachgoers of all ages (yep, adults included). Here’s a few different beach toys worth packing:

  • sand buckets and shovels for castle building
  • football, volleyball or soccer ball
  • boogie board or skid board
  • Kan Jam – if you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically throwing Frisbees into slotted trash cans


Now that you have plenty of tips, start planning your perfect beach day. Don’t forget: put sunscreen on, pack snacks, bring a comfy chair and have fun!