10 Unique Gift Ideas for the Travelers in Your Life

The countdown to holidays has begun and it’s now time to start your holiday shopping! If you have friends or family members that love to travel, we’ve got you covered with these ten unique gift ideas. From packing cubes to cameras, this list includes something for every sort of traveler.


Travel Scratch-Off Map  

Scratch-off maps make a great gift for friends and family that travel frequently and to different places. Purchase a map of just the United States or the entire world that the traveler can then scratch off as he or she visits different states and countries.


Portable Coffee Maker + Quality Grounds

If your fellow traveler is also a lover of quality coffee, gift them a portable coffee maker and travel-sized bag of coffee grounds. With this gift, they can enjoy delicious coffee, no matter where they are. Or, instead of a portable coffee maker, you could also gift a selection of different coffees, sourced from countries around the world.


Custom Passport Holder

World travelers might appreciate a custom passport holder for the holidays. Choose their favorite colors, customize with a monogram or other images like a map, flowers, planes, etc.


Tile Mate

Tile Mate is the ultimate holiday gift solution for your traveling friends and family members that tend to lose, or misplace, their belongings. Here’s how it works: Purchase a small tile product, stick, attach or sync the tile with Bluetooth to your belongings. When the item is lost, log into the Tile app and locate the item’s adhered tile. These are great for technology, wallets, keys, phones and more.


Packing Cubes    

Keep your traveling loved ones organized by gifting them packing cubes. Available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, packing cubes keep suitcases organized and belongings compressed, allowing room for ample clothes and toiletries.


E-Reader or Books

Traveling frequently means there’s quite a bit of waiting time. Think: lengthy car rides, long flights, layovers and more. All of this extra time makes an e-reader or book a great gift for travelers. Take a look at The New York Times Best Sellers for some of the best books to purchase right now.


Travel-Sized Toiletries

You can’t wrong with travel toiletries for those that travel.  Select a variety of shampoos, lotions, toothpastes and more, then package them in a nice toiletry bag or alone in a gift bag.


GoPro Camera

Although definitely a pricey option, GoPros are great gifts for travelers that enjoy documenting their trips. If they already own a GoPro or camera, opt for accessories like different handles, mounts and camera lens attachments.


Portable Chargers

A portable charger makes an extra-handy tech accessory for people that are on the go. Whether they’re on a plane or out exploring for the day, your friends won’t have to worry about their phones dying mid-trip.


Skin Moisturizers

Dry skin is inevitable for travelers that fly or visit cold climates often. So, if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive gift, opt for skin moisturizers and lip balms. Pro tip: Make sure to purchase moisturizers that are 3.4 oz. or smaller so that they can be packed in carry-ons.


This holiday season, treat the travelers in your life to a gift they’ll appreciate, and most importantly, use!