10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

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10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

Don’t let Earth Day be anticlimactic, do something astronomical! Taking frequent family vacays or flying often for business can really affect your environment footprint. Now you don’t have to be a super hero to help save the Earth. Making small changes in the way we live can really add up. In honor of Earth Day we’ve come up with the top 10 tips for eco-friendly travel.

1. All Hail the Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are a lifesaver when it comes to traveling! On your next adventure, pack a stainless-steel or recycled plastic water bottle and fill it with your favorite drink. If you’re flying on a plane, make sure it’s empty before you put it in your carryon, or they won’t let you board. If you find it a struggle to drink without a straw, invest in a stainless-steel straw. They really help cut down on plastic waste and easily fit in backpacks and purses! For a more style-savvy bottle with conveniently hidden compartments, check out this water bottle.

2. Towels Can Have A Dry Sense of Humor

When you stay at a hotel, be sure to reuse your towels! Reusing them reduces the amount of times they need to be washed and saves quite a bit of water and energy. Once you’re done with your towel, hang it up in the bathroom when you leave your room. Hanging up towels is the universal sign that you’ll be using them again. Pro tip: Keep the bathroom door open when they are drying, that way the air can circulate faster.

3. Stay…Good Traveler

Staying in one location reduces fuel and energy waste. Pick a location where you can commute with public transportation or rent a bicycle. Making one place your hub helps boost the local economy and offers you the experience of being a true local.

4. Boy Scout Honor

As the Boy Scout saying goes “always leave a place better than you found it.” Not to sound like a mom, but take the time to make sure your room is neat before you leave. If you trash your room and there’s stains, not only will you probably have to pay an extra fee, but house cleaning will have to use additional chemicals and cleaners. So, keep your quarters clean and Mother Earth will thank you!

5. Join the Fuellowship!

Promote a lighter carbon footprint with fuel efficient vehicles. If you find yourself driving cross country, rent a ride that has a higher gas mileage. Aiming for an economy or compact car can help to lower your carbon dioxide emission and save you money on gas! With some cars offering 27 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway, you can save yourself quite a bit of change. Plus, you don’t have to put additional wear and tear on your own vehicle.

6. Lather is the Best Medicine

When packing your toiletries, bring items that don’t require packaging. For example, use an unwrapped bar of soap instead of a bottle of body wash. A great alternative to bottled shampoo and conditioner is bar shampoos and conditioners. One bar of shampoo can last up to three months! With so many of these products being organic and free of harmful chemicals, they are not only perfect for the environment, but also sensitive skin.

7. Reuse, Don’t Recycle

Wait! Don’t throw away all those brochures and maps from the visitor center! Take any maps, brochures or tourist info you might have grabbed on your journey and return it. If you already left your destination, then pass it along to a friend or family member that might travel there. A lot of these maps and brochures can’t be recycled due to the paper they are printed on, so take the time to repurpose them.

8. Don’t buy wildlife products

When shopping at local stores don’t buy products that use or harm wildlife. By boycotting products that use animals you promote the safety and wellbeing of local wildlife. Buying exotic pets also harms the animal and its environment when it is taken away. Popular wildlife products that you should avoid include coral, fur, ivory and leather and skins. This also includes not disturbing wildlife in its habitat. For example when snorkeling don’t take coral or wildlife with you.

9. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub

When possible, opt for showers instead of baths. A full bathtub uses about 70 gallons of water while a five-minute shower uses 10-25 gallons. Just by turning the water off when washing your hair, you could save up to 150 gallons of water a month. Imagine if all hotel guests did this when they were traveling!

10. Be A True Local

When you act like a true local you become eco-friendlier. If you treat the place you’re visiting like your home, you are more likely to treat it better. If you recycle and use reusable bags at home, then do the same on vacation! Embracing local culture improves the quality of your trip and gives you an authentic experience.


Let us know what you do on your trips to be eco-friendly and comment them below!