10 Essentials for Cold Weather Travel

Believe it or not, winter is just around the corner! And if you plan on traveling during the upcoming months, make sure you pack the essentials needed for a successful (and warm) trip.


Quality Coat    

It should go without saying that cold weather travel warrants a nice winter coat, but we’ll tell you anyways! When picking and packing a quality coat, make sure to consider the materials it’s made out of (down feathers, waterproof exterior), as well as its features, like pockets and a hood. Get the most use out of your coat by choosing one with multiple, detachable layers; you can use the full coat in the cold, then the lighter layers for spring and fall.



Nothing is worse than catching a cold while traveling. Prevent sickness during cold weather travel by taking vitamins and drinking vitamin-rich fluids. Then, pack the basic medicine essentials like cough drops and a nasal decongestant. Dry air in the winter and on flights tend to dry out the throat, so packing cough syrup might be a good idea as well.


Lots of Layers

Pro tip: It’s always better to wear more layers and take them off, then not wear enough and end up cold. Pack a thermal shirt or two for any outdoor walking and exploring you may do while traveling.


Hats or Headbands    

A quality, heat-retaining beanie or headband is another essential worth packing for cold weather travel. Whether you’re hiking or just walking through the airport parking lot, a hat will protect your head and ears from the cold air.



When you go to pack your winter hat, make sure to also grab a good pair of gloves. If you tend to take pictures or text often while traveling, you opt for gloves that have built-in touchscreen fingerprints.


Comfortable Boots

A quality pair of boots that will not only keep your feet warm, but also keep them comfortable after lots of walking, are especially important for winter trips. Pro tip: Save room when packing (if you’re flying) and wear your bulky boots onto the plane – you can always take them off once you’re seated.


Lip Balm

Cold weather is notorious for drying out lips – harsh winds and hours exposed to the chilly elements can be extremely painful. Make sure to pack a lip balm or two and keep it on your person throughout your trip.


Skin Moisturizers

Along with lip balm, pack moisturizers for your face and skin as well. Hand creams and body lotions will work to trap moisture in your skin, even during the coldest of temperatures.


Portable Chargers

You’ve probably experienced this at some point, but smart phones tend to lose their charge quicker in extreme cold weather. This is because the cold slows down the chemical reactions in your battery, causing it to go flat. Keep your phone charged while you’re out and about by using a portable charger.


Thermos / Travel Mug

A travel thermos is perfect for warm soups, hot chocolate, tea, you-name-it. Not only will it keep your beverages warm for hours, but it’s also a more environmentally friendly option compared to Styrofoam disposable cups.


Before your next winter trip, make sure to pack some or all of these travel essentials!