Our Story

broughtonHOTELS is a full-service hospitality management company based in Anaheim, CA.

We believe that words have meaning. That’s why we refer to our staff as “Team Members”, the Back of the House as the “Heart of the House,” housekeeping as “Room Attendants,” and the front desk staff as “Guest Service Hosts.” Our broughtonHOTELS Service Standards set high expectations for our teams. Our goal is to create a work environment our Team Members love. If they believe in our mission, and are in love with their jobs, then they’re more likely to provide exceptional service and take great care hosting our guests. Our experienced hoteliers have built a successful company around the principles of. . .

  • Treating Team Members with dignity and respect, and developing them for future growth opportunities
  • Creating the “heart of the house” of each hotel like the warm welcoming place you would want it to be
  • Cultivating unique guest experiences that showcase the local area
  • Understanding that design and style really do matter. They create an experiential stay and help develop a sense of place
  • Wanting each guest to leave with great memories of their stay, including remembering names of hotel Team Members, favorite rooms they stayed in, and becoming raving fans of our business

With growth plans that stretch coast to coast, broughtonHOTELS is excited to welcome you to a personal travel experience that separates our hotels from the rest.